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Need Recomendations for Alterations!

Hi Ladies!  My wedding is on the other side of the state, but a few of my BM are from the west side of GR and looking to get their dresses altered there.  I am looking for recommendations for places that will allow you to bring in a dress from an outside shop to be altered.  TIA
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Re: Need Recomendations for Alterations!

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    Well I'm not from the westside but on the east, in Cascade, there is a place on 28th called "Insty Sew".  Prior to moving to DC I used the lady there all the time and she does a fantastic job.  Very fair prices. 
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    I work with a lady who is a professional seamstress.  For my alterations (cups sown in, bustle, and taking up at the shoulders) it is $45.  Her name is Erica Millbrooks, and can be contacted at 616-454-5727; tell her Rhonda recommended her.

    Good luck!

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    Hi - My girls used Deb Zondlak for their BM dresses.  Her contact info is as follows: 

    Deb Zondlak
    16th Avenue Enterprises
    (616) 896.7767
    [email protected]
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    I second using Deb Zondlak.  I am using her and have used her in the past and she is the best!
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