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sardinia and amalfi coast?

possible to do both in about 12 days ? anybody have any experience in sardinia ? i am thinking of doing capri, positano, ravello, maybe a day in naples, or capri, positano , sardinia... i dont know i want beachy beautiful romantic italy.
other option is greece and italy combo.
Any advice!?
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Re: sardinia and amalfi coast?

  • We did four days in Positano, including a day trip to Capri, and that was perfect. Definitely preferred Positano to Capri. Check out the Marincanto Hotel! Next2 for dinner, buy some ceramics. Good times!
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  • Capri is my very favorite place in the world!
  • I've been to both and would say stick with the amalfi coast.  Sardinia was a desolate island.  Mind you, I went about 15-20 years ago, so maybe times have changed.  If you go over to Greece, I'd do the islands like Santorini and Mikonos.  We stopped in Athens last year on our hm cruise and were dissapointed.  
  • I am a frequent visitor to Italy as my family lives there. Skip naples because they are having issues with trash pick up right now so you would be scared if you saw it. Highly recommend doing the amalfi coast such as Capri, positano, and ravello. I would save Greece for a time that their issues are resolved because they are having lots of problems out there right now and many places are even shut down. The amalfi coast is drop dead gorgeous!!!
  • LOL naples and garbage issues-been going on forever :)

    you can easily split 12 days between amalfi and rome or rome and sicily.


  • Thanks guys ! That helped a lot :) 
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  • If you are willing to travel 3 hours or more then You could fit in Rome, but if you are looking for more of a relaxing trip then I think you could save it for next time. Rome is 3 hours from naples and the amalfi coast. It depends what is a must for you. Also to get to amalfi, you must take a ferry from tbe port of naples. Personally, I'd rather spend all my time on the amalfi coast and I guarantee most others would say the same!
  • I stopped in Olbia, Sardinia during a Mediterranean cruise and the northern part that we drove through, mostly the Costa Verde, was very beatutiful. It is where the very rich and famous play in the summer. There are gorgeous beaches and water. I'm sure there is a lot more to do on the rest of the island. It would be a unique part of your honeymoon.
  • We did Rome for 4 nights, Positano for 5, and Capri for 3. Positano was our favorite but we loved everything. Positano and Capri were very relaxing. We spent a lot of time at our hotel pools, on boats and at the "beach." let me know if you want hotel recommendations!
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