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I know about the proposal, but what do I wear?!

I recently overheard my future future husband on the phone, discussing his plans to propose. I know when he plans on asking my dad, and I'm pretty sure I know when he plans to propose. I do feel a little bad that I overheard this, (since I was a little girl I've always thought it would be a surprise), but it isn't a huge surprise anyway, I helped pick out the ring, and we've been discussing marriage for months.

My problem is, I'm not overly girly, so I have no idea what I should wear.

I'm guessing it will be while we are away on vacation in the caribbean in a couple of months. Unless, the advice he got has made him reconsider his timing (the day also happens to be his birthday),  He's booked a coules massage, follwed by a private candle-lit dinner probably on the beach, which I also knew about, he told me it was for our anniversary. I wouldn't have guessed it would be anything more.
We are staying at a Sandals resort, so already, the evening wear is a bit dressier.

I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, dressing up is a bit out of my realm.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

Re: I know about the proposal, but what do I wear?!

  • I would just dress normally. My FI had the ring for about 6 weeks before he proposed. I looked like crap the day of. Oh well. 
  • You don't really know exactly when he is proposing, some guys have the ring for several months before proposing. Just continue to wear your normal clothes, once he proposes it won't matter what you are wearing :)
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