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All moissanite owners...need help please.

I am comtemplating on moissanite.  I was wondering how long you have had it and has it kept it sparkle?  Have you had any issues with it and are there any good websites/jewelry stores you recommend?  Are you still happy with the moissanite?  If you have pictures to help better explain/show that would be great.  Smile

Thanks Ladies!

Re: All moissanite owners...need help please.

  • I recently got engaged just over a week ago... I have a moissanite ring from Moissanite Co, I love my ring... it is amazing! I honestly wouldn't want a diamond after seeing the fire in my ring. We decided to go this route for the price factor... and honestly... no one has ever questioned it being a diamond or not. The site we got it from is very reputable. They have beautiful pieces, and they come with a 30 day return policy and a limited warranty for brilliance and fire. HTH....
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  • We just bought our center stone -- an enhanced cushion-cut moissanite from moissaniteco.  I haven't had it for long, so I can't speak for the longevity, but it's really beautiful and sparkly, plus it has a lifetime warranty on it's color and sparkle.

    If you have any other questions, PM me.  I did a ton of research before we made the purchase, so I'm a moissanite encyclopedia now.  Also, if you'll send me your email address, I'll send you a picture.
  • Hi!

    I have a moissanite, I love it.  I've had it since Sept 2009 and it's just as sparkly and perfect as the day I got it.  Maybe I'm biased (and I try not to be since I used to work in a jewelry store), but I honestly believe my moissanite has more sparkle than my friends' diamonds.  I have absolutely no issues or problems with it.  I've also banged it pretty hard a couple times, and it doesn't have a single chip or scratch.

    If you're interested in reading up a little more on moissanites, one of my favorite websites from when FI and I were doing our own research is http://diamondssuck.com Check it out lol :)

    And here's a photo of my ring:

  • Thanks Ladies!  This is helping me a lot.  I guess I can show him and let him decide for himself which route he wants to go.  :-D

  • I have a moissanite ring. We got it from MoissaniteCo.com and we got it with an enhanced center stone. I am very happy with Moissaniteco.com and have even told some friends to go there and we will be getting FI band from there as well. I love my ring and have not had any problems with it. I have had my ring since Nov 2009 and it is still just a beautiful and the day my FI proposed even thought it has taken some hard knocks. Moissanite does come with a Limited Lifetime warranty when it comes to the color and fire and so forth so you do not have anything to worry about there.

  • How was the shipping time and customer service for moissaniteco.com? 
  • They ship for free using fedex priority 2-day.  We ordered our stone on a Monday morning and I had it by Wednesday at noon.  Anytime we've emailed customer service with a question, they've responded within 24 hours -- usually quicker.
  • Silver 56-

    I believe FI told me it took about 2 weeks after he bought my ring for it to come in. When they ship their jewelry it is shipped FedEx 2 day however my ring had to be made first which it why it took 2 weeks total but only 2 days to get to the house after it had been shipped. The customer service is great. i always get a answer to my email within a day, even on the weekend, and the customer service rep that you can live chat with are always helpful but that is not a 24 hours service. We are very happy with them and will be buying the matching band to my e-ring and FI's ring from them too.
  • Skyler-thanks for the information.  If anyone wants to show off their moissy feel free.  That will give me more enticement to give him.  J

  • Silver56-

         I posted a pic of my ring in a previous post but if you look at my profile I have a couple more on there from a couple different angles. I hope pic of my ring in a previous post is not too dark. If it is let me know and I will see if I can get a better one.
  • Oh and Silver56 a way I was able to talk FI into getting me moissanite (he really wanted to get me a diamond even though I did not want one) was I picked out a moissanite ring I liked, we then went to a jewelry store and found a similar diamond ring but it was not exactly what I wanted. The fact that the diamond ring had a center stone that was less than 1 ct. and was almost $9,000 compared to the moissanite ring that had a 1.5 center stone and was $1,600 really help him see things my way! Laughing
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