Ok, 17 days till the wedding and the last thing I need to be doing is spending more money!!!
We thought we would do the nice thing and have a shuttle for our guests that are staying at the hotel to get to the venue (which is about 30 min away).  Mind you - I advised the shuttle was "for guests staying at the hotel" - as they already incurred an additonal cost to hang out and party the rest of the night away after the wedding - the least we could do is make sure they get to and from safely.  Long story short we have gone from spending about $300 on transportation to $900 as I had to add 2 more shuttles.  It really stinks that there were no nice hotels near our venue so I guess there was not much a way around this.  The worst part is people are telling me they are staying at the hotel, and the hotel as no reservation for them.... 
Thanks for letting me ramble.  This is just one of the little things that I cannot let it get to me. 
Looking forward to a very happy wedding day.  Hope you are all avoiding major issues!!

Re: Vent......

  • It will be okay! :) Once its the day of, you wont care about the extra $600 and it will all be worth it. You will get that $600 back someday ( thats what I tell myself as we spend more and more money on our wedding..) Keep smiling!

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  • Thanks - I went and drank multiple glasses of fine - and temporarily forgot about it lol.  Have a great weekend.
  • At the end of the day when your gusts are having an amazing time you'll be so happy you got the two exta shutles. 
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  • I think that is a very considerate thing to do for guests....If I were a guest at your wedding I'd appreciate it!
  • Thanks all for your kind words.  I have calmed down - some.....since my vent.
    12 days to go and I need to remain calm :)
  • Just hang in there. It'll all be worth it when the big day comes!! 
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