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How Do Knot "$"s Translate Re: Venues?

I'm new to all this, having gotten engaged a bit over a week ago, so forgive my ignorance. :)

I notice that theknot.com indicates price points via dollar sign categories ("$", "$$", etc.).  My problem is, I have no idea what we're talking about in terms of "real money"!  Is a typical "$" venue $50.00/person while a typical "$$$$" venue is $300.00/person, or what?

I'd appreciate some guidance so as to be able to better narrow our choices.


Re: How Do Knot "$"s Translate Re: Venues?

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    I would say to go LI weddings.com...and they have a list of venue of price per head...I assume that $=$60 or less, $$ about 80 through 100 etc.
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    usually you can click on the $$ and find out what it stands for.

    ETA: You're better off calling venues for pricing since it DRASTICALLY varies by day of the week, holidays and seasons. The rate I was quoted for a regular Sunday at East Wind was $66 pp versus we're paying over $80 pp b/c it's 10.10.10
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    Thanks, ladies!  We're certainly going to be calling around, but you've helped me to "balpark" it.
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