Harbour's Edge in Portland

Harbour's Edge is fairly new, but I was wondering if anyone had any feedback or information?! It's right on the water, and the food looks decent so it seems like something my FI and I might be interested in... any input would be GREAT! :]

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    We looked into them for our rehearsal dinner.  What turned us off the most was that the website doesn't show a single picture of the inside of the facility.  We requested pics and that went unanswered.  We did not continue to pursue them, since we were planning from out of state and needed to work with VERY cooperative vendors.
    I hope you have better luck than we did. 
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    We looked at that venue. It is nice, but it's right next to the Comedy Connection and the Port Hole, so you have to keep in mind that there may be drunk people wandering in the area when you're having your reception. The interior is nice, but we felt the dance floor was in a weird place.... it was in the corner of the room as opposed to the center, and it was really small. We were also a little bit turned off by the responses we got from the coordinator there, so we ended up going elsewhere-- they were nice, but just slow to respond and a little too relaxed for me. It's worth checking out-- you may have a different experience and you may not mind the setup if you look at it.....
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    Oh, and I forgot, they aren't "new"... but they are newly renovated. If I remember correctly, they were a function hall, but the building had severe water damage one year so they re-did the whole thing.... not that that really matters, but just fyi!
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    I went to a holiday party there last month. It's really pretty inside, fireplace, lots of windows BUT the dancefloor was really small. We had a great time and if you're having a smaller wedding it would be a nice place  for a reception
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    So where did you ladies end up going!? FI and I have lived in Portland our whole lives and have wanted a reception venue here, although we are not opposed to traveling a bit. We are in the very begining of the planning stage, as we just got engaged, and the wedding isn't until late 2011. I want all the ideas I can gather about the reception venue during this stage in the planning!! And thanks for the responses, great info!
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    We ended up at the Clarion Hotel. Price was right ($39.95 per plate for a station set up, which comes with more than 7 options for guests...pasta, thai, beef, turkey, vegetarian dish, potato bar, salad station......even cheaper for buffets), love the setup of the room and the hotel, even though it looks a little funky from the outside. The coordinator there has been really, really great, too!
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