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Hi girls!  After 8 months of wedded bliss, my dress is still sitting in my MIL's house...
I had thought that if I found someone to buy the dress, I would let it go.  Since that hasn't happened (and I haven't made much effort because I'm sort of attatched), I think it's time to get it cleaned and preserved.  Does anyone have any advice on where to go and how much I can expect to pay?  I'm the first of my friends to get married so I don't have anyone to ask.  It's satin with beading on the bust and hip (it's a Maggie Sottero "Carrie" if anyone feels the desire to look it up).

I'm still trying to decide if when we have a baby if I'll have pieces of my wedding dress made into a Christening gown, or if I'll just keep it forever and maybe my daughter (if I have one) will want to wear it (that happens what, 2 out of 100 times?).  Anyways, TIA for any advice :)  Also going to post this on TN.

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Re: Dress cleaning/preserving

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    I believe Dibsontop had hers cleaned... I don't know about preserved, though.  The only person I know who preserved a gown was my mom, and that was back in the 80s so I doubt the prices are the same.  But I think for cleaning, expect somewhere in the $100-$200 range. 

    Where have you tried selling it? 

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    WedClean ( cleans and preserves your dress for $129.  I used them a couple months ago and was very happy with their service.

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    Thanks for the tips :)  RA - I haven't really *tried* to sell it, I have it listed in my "For Sale" section, and I've mentioned it to my mom that if she knows of anyone looking for one to give them my #, but now my MOH is getting married this November and mentioned donning the dresses again and having a little photo shoot taken in the spring, not really a Trash the Dress thing, but there'd be no sense cleaning and preserving if we're going to do that.
    Dibsontop, I'm going to check that website out once I'm ready to do it.  Thanks again girls!
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