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Has anyone figured out what they are doing in regards to makeup? Anyone know anything about airbrush makeup and if it is worth the price?

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Re: Makeup

  • Not completely sure. I have inspiration on Pinterest, but we'll see after my trial.
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  • I have not even thought about it yet! 
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  • Not sure. I had my makeup done for epics earlier this month though, and I'll probably end up going back to the same salon if I choose to go the professional route. I've considered attempting my own, but I haven't had enough patience to do any trials yet.
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  • I never wear makeup. I am completely lost about what to do in this department. I will have to consult with my sister. D: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MAKEUP!
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  • I am doing a trial (since I'm in a wedding that day) in a few weeks with someone who does airbrush makeup. I've heard that it has major staying power so I'm excited to try it out! I'll let you all know my experience with it afterwards.

    To find a makeup artists new you I suggest asking around for recommendations from recent brides or anyone you know who has been in a wedding recently and scour through yelp reviews.
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  • My good friend from high school is a consultant for estee lauder and is doing it for me as a gift! I wouldn't try to do it myself anyway though... I'm kind of a ditz with anything past mascara and lipstick lol.
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