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First Look???

I am completely torn. I always wanted my fiance to see me for the first time walking down the aisle. The closer I get to my wedding and trying to plan the timeline of the day, it makes more sense to take the photos before the ceremony. Our ceremony starts at 7 and wouldn't want me guests waiting around to eat. Has anyone here regretted their decision to do a first look prior to the ceremony or anyone wish they had done one when they didn't??

Re: First Look???

  • Why don't you have a cocktail hour? That's what we're doing. Our photog says that all the group photos would take about 45 min or so. So we're having cocktails and appetizers so guests don't get bored waiting. We're doing our individual shoots prior to the wedding and indivdual with family and bridal party. 
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  • I am also (somewhat) torn about this.

    I've definitely come accross strong opinions about whether or not to do a first look. But I've yet to find someone who regretted doing a first look. From people who choose to do a first look, I'm always told that walking down the aisle is still speacial because its the real deal!! But maybe some of the nerves are settled.

    In the end, choose what is right for you and your fiance. Just try not to pick one over the othe simply/solely for conveinence (picture taking) :)

  • I will say, hands down, I am so glad we did a first look. I was a nervous wreck once we got to the venue (we all got ready at the hotel). Our first look was about 2 hours before our ceremony started. They had him stand at the end of the aisle turned around, and I walked down the aisle, and the first time we saw each other was in the exact spot we were married. We got so many great pictures, and afterwards I went upstairs with my bridesmaids to wait, and I was SO chill and relaxed and just happy. Walking down the aisle just made me happy, but I was already so calm. I also loved having that moment alone with him before the hustle and bustle of having guests around. Our reception went by in a hurried blur, so it was nice to hold onto the memory of just being alone with him. It wasn't just efficient, and a moment to calm my nerves, but it was SPECIAL to be able to talk to him before everything got crazy, and to slow down and really check each other out and have a real conversation.
    Check out my pictures in my 'fairytale' link below to see our fun pictures from the first look.
  • When my FI and I found our venue he picked out where our ceremony would be, where our reception would be, and our first look. I myself hadn't thought about it but knowing that we'll have a few private moments to ourselves before the ceremony will be wonderful. I know that will be one of the highlights of the wedding for me!
  • @ DaveandRoxy- I just feel like it takes away from the time with my guests, I can imagine it all happens so fast. I'd like to enjoy the time spent at the reception rather than outside in the dark taking photos.

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I may just go with photos beforehand and do a first look.
  • We decided about a month before the wedding to do one and we did NOT regret it (and we are very traditional).  All the stress just melted away the moment we saw each other and we got great pictures of that moment.  It was one of our favorite parts of the day.  And my heart was still pounding when I walked down the aisle.
  • Most people seem to think whichever they did best (first look or seeing during the ceremony) was the best choice. So if you choose for yourself, I highly doubt you'll regret it. Just don't let anyone coerce you into doing or not doing a first look.

    With that said, we had a 6:30pm ceremony and also didn't want to miss our reception, so we had a first look. I loved it- H is my rock during emotional times and it was so much better for me to be able to see and talk with him before the ceremony. Our ceremony was still as magical as could be!
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    We're doing a first look because I think that if the first time I saw him was when I was walking down the aisle, I'd start sobbing then and there, heh.

  • My fianc won't be seeing me til I walk down the aisle, but we have a church ceremony which in our area, always includes a gap before the reception perfect for pictures. I think that even if we didn't have the gap, I'd still be completely dead set against it for us, but everyone's different. The fact that you're considering it now means I don't think you'll regret it. :
  • I think it helps calm your nerves and if you have a photographer there, can capture some very sweet moments that might otherwise be lost. And with your wedding being at night, it gives you more time with your guests. I like this pin, 7 reasons to capture a first look - http://pinterest.com/pin/402438916671698619/
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