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Wedding ceremony venue

Hi,  We booked our reception at Argyle's in Kitty Hawk and our beach house is about 5 miles away in Duck.  We are looking for a good outdoor venue that is near by to have our actual ceremony (beach or sound side) and any recommendations on officiants. We are getting married June 20, 2013.  How windy will it be do you think and what's the best time for the ceremony?  I am catholic and honestly would feel a little more comfortable with a male officiant but we are open to anyone who is sincere and not too non-traditional.

Thanks for your advice in advance

Re: Wedding ceremony venue

  • Hi and welcome!  The beach is always a great place to have a ceremony - though I'm not sure of any specific locations near Argyles (I know there are some small parking lots for the beach up in that area though).  I highly recommend Rev. Jay Bowman, but he might be booked for your date.

    Good luck!
    image June 22, 2012
  • We're getting married 2 weeks before you-June 6!  Argyle's is our caterer too, but we're having her come to our beach house to cater the reception.  Ditto to Rev. Jay, but there is a pretty good chance that he will already be booked this close to the date.  If he is, I know that he has a friend who also officiates that several people here have used, and they really liked her.  I think her name was Bonnie?  Don't remember the last name.  Good luck!
  • Dave Keller is also awesome!  We are using him in July :)
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