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Recommendations for a seamtress in LA?

Any rec. on a good (and reasonably priced) eamtress in LA?  I need to get my dress bustled and shorten the length by about an inch.


Re: Recommendations for a seamtress in LA?

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    I used Reene in Stitches located in Woodland Hills.  You can find her info on Yelp or Project Wedding.
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    Yep, I second Reene!  She was fantastic and had great prices!!!
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    Any ideas what's the cost for alterations?  I need bustles and shorten it by an inch! I know it can varies depending on the dress....just looking for a range....

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    I too am a fan of Renee (pronounced Ree-knee). I had my dress hemmed, I think she took it in a little, she sewed in a bra and did the bustle and I think it was around $250.
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    Thanks RoMy215 !  That helps alot =).  I just responded to you in another thread about the Annenberg.  LMK if you have other questions on that venue =)
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    Galina Borin who owns Elegant Mode tailoring altered my dress.  She works miracles.  She may not give you a ballpark until she opens up your dress and takes a look at what kind of work it entails, but once she does she will make sure you will look your best in it, regardless of how many appointments it will take.  This lady knows her fabric, weave and cut and is as good or better than any alterations expert you will find in a wedding shop--she is not a all weddings seamstress but does all kinds of work besides.  If I hadn't moved from LA I'd still be going to her with any clothing that needed to be altered.

    This is her contact info:

    583 S Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Neighborhood: Mid-City West
    (323) 933-8620

    My dress alterations were super complacted: I had a dress sample in a size 10, and I am a street size 2.  The dress bodice was actually a quilt, that had to have each piece fit together perfectly in order to perserve the applique and embroidery. 

    My seamstress not only was able to take in the dress, she also brought each piece together to make sure each part was in perfect symetry.  Aside from bustling my gown, she also put in extra boning and a waist chinch to make sure the bodice didn't wrinkle under the weight of the skirt.

    I would trust her implicitly with any garment. 
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