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Just wondering about how much photographers are charging. I don't think the one I picked is over priced but everyone else seems to think so, And I need some ammo to shoot back at them. I found the perfect photographer so I don't want to keep shopping around.

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    Well it depends if you get the rights to your photos or not, that makes a difference. We are paying $2000 for our photographer and an extra $200 in travel fees. He is from Missoula and we are getting married in Kalispell. Be careful with some of the cheaper photographers, and read the fine print, I found a lot of them, that charge a flat fee, but then its an extra fee for each photo you want edited. That adds up to a ton of money with how many photos are taken on your wedding day. :) Where in MT are you getting married?
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    We're paying a little over $3,000. About $1,000 over what we wanted to pay but found a photographer we both LOVE and are really comfortable with. I have a lot of friends that are amazing ( and published) photogs but none have done weddings and it was really important to me to get someone that I trust will capture the moments and be able to work with the crowd in a wedding atmosphere. good luck!
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    We are paying $600. I don't know if that is a discounted rate because we know her Mom, but it is a steal! Another lady we talked to wanted $1,200. If you go with the more popular ones in town, they run higher.
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    Our's had several packages the one we picked was $1450 which was her lowest.
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    We're paying $1500 at Bryson's Photo Studio, his packages start at $600 and he customizes them to whatever you need so you don't have to pay for something you don't want. I really love his work!
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    $2000 for Elle Photography out of Missoula
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    It depends alot on were you live. I'm in Bozeman and no photographer worth their salt seems to be less than $3000 here. My undergrad was in photography and I'm going with a class friend that I graduated with, and with the super-special-college-friend discount I'm still paying close to $1000 with copyright. 

    Trust me, you're getting what you pay for. If photos and preservation are really important to, spend a bit more. If you have a buddy who you trust to do back-up photos and don't care as much... spend less.

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