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florist problem...please help!

my wedding is mother's day weekend on 2014. the one florist i wanted to use which was highly recommended by many of my friends stated they wouldn't be able to do my flowers because its mother's day weekend. i just need bouquets and nothing else because we plan on using other decor and not flowers since our wedding is more informal and i'm willing to have someone pick them up in person, no delivery needed. can anyone recommend a florist? or do florists have minimums that have to be spent? i am really worried i am going to be stuck making my own bouquets.

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Re: florist problem...please help!

  • You could check out cook's florist in deptford, nj (not sure how far into Philly/PA your wedding is). I got my flowers there, they seemed super down to earth and relaxed.
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  • I am looking at Wimsical Welcomes.  She is not a store so I dont think she will have to fill Mothers Day orders?  She is really reasonable too.

  • thanks, I will look into those!
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  • gershpjp, before I recommend a few--just curious what florist is not able to take your business? 

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  • I can see where a florist that has an actual shop would decline to do a wedding Mother's Day weekend (or even Valentine's Day if it was on a weekend). Your best bet then would be to go with an independent florist. I absolutely LOVED my florist - Darlene at Precious Petals.

  • I'm using Whimsical Welcomes for my wedding. Leslie is very budget friendly and will work with you. She also has a lot of creative ideas so her weddings are really unique.  I learned about her on this board - she gets lots of good reviews.  I'm a big fan of her work. Check out her blog for pictures.  whimsicalwelcomesflowers.blogspot.com
  • I used Whimsical Welcomes also. Leslie is great and I loved my flowers.  She was really good about working with my budget too.  I highly recommend her!
  • I'm getting married on Valentine's Day 2014 and am using an independent florist that only does flowers for events. I do not want to sacrifice quality because I'm getting married on a busy "flower" day. Her work is absolutely beautiful! Brittany at Petals Lane

    In Response to Re: florist problem...please help!:
    [QUOTE]I used Whimsical Welcomes also. Leslie is great and I loved my flowers.  She was really good about working with my budget too.  I highly recommend her!
    Posted by greengirlwdg[/QUOTE]
  • thanks for the suggestions. i wanted to use London Creative as they were highly recommended and they stated no because it was a holiday weekend. i believe there was one or 2 more. i'm not even looking for a lot, i just want bouquets i don't need centerpieces or any type of floral decor. and i also got a no because the one florist had a minimum and with just 6 bouquets i wouldn't be meeting that. i did get an email from Whimsical Welcomes and I will look into that. I've heard good thinks about precious petals so I'll look into that as well. thanks again!
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  • try Leaves of Grass - Amy is great!

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