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Hello Everyone!

I've been a knottie for some time now. My wedding is November 13th in Azusa. I had been trying to get some responses from the Los Angeles Board but it seems to be full of vendors just trying to sell or promote their stuff. So thought I would try IE instead which seems to be less saturated with that stuff.

FI lives in IE and I may just end up relocating there anyways. I am currently job hunting... I was let go back in June so its been hard. I am working a temporary job but that will end in about a month.

Anyways... hello everyone!

BTW - my wedding is in Azusa, CA at the Lindly Scott House. Anyone else getting married there?

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    Welcome, I am on the same page as you. I am in Palm Springs which isn't really the IE but I guess that isthe closest. Welcome and congrats.
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    welcome! our board has some great girls... but posts are kind of sparatic. I usually try to put up a new post everyday.
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    Welcome! Keep faith you will find a job in due time. Congratulations to Desi too I saw your post that you just got a job! God is great :)
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    Hello and welcome! I'm Bre. FI and I are getting married 5/29 in Laguna Beach. I don't think anyone else here is getting married at LSH but I've seen pictures from a wedding there and it was beautiful! I'll see if I can find the bio that had all the pictures.

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    Welcome. Im Jen, this board is very friendly. I have not posted much in the past but I am going to start I promise... Bre, I was just at Laguna Beach this past Saturday taking some Engagement Pictures and it is beautiful, I am sure your wedding will come out beautiful
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    Hi.  I am new to the message boards as well but I saw your note about moving to the IE.  I moved here over a year ago without a job as well and it took a lot of time (6 mos) but I eventually found one.  My advice...there are a lot of recruiters out here buy keep looking on Craigslist and other job sites.  It was a lot of work but have faith, the right one will come along.

    Now that I have the job under my belt, planning a wedding is the easy part :P  I have a little over a month to go til our wedding on 10-10-10.
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    congrats and welcome :o)
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