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What is your Must-Have Picture?

Hi ladies,

I'm trying to get some ideas of pictures we should put on our "must-have" list for our photographer. Any ideas? Besides the usual ones with family, bridal party, etc?

Thank you!
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Re: What is your Must-Have Picture?

  • I can't wait to see what our photographer comes up with for the "rings" picture.  Not sure if its a regional thing, but photographers around here have been doing the most creative ring pictures.

  • FI & I aren't seeing each other before the ceremony, so we want to have the picture taken where we are each on opposite sides of a door, reaching around holding hands. Like this:

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  • this is where we're getting married:

    i'm pretty sure our reception site has rooftop access...

    i just thought this was super cute  hahaha

    i'm still collecting my "must takes"
  • Here is mine 


  • My first one is the most important, the others are ones I'd like to get if possible. :)

    And one that I really hope he'll take with his guys because I think it's hilarious (and both our rings are from Jared, heh):

  • After my father walks me down, I want to pause and have this moment with my parents before my father gives me away!

    Fun with my girls!

    Details, Details, Details!

    This is to calm any nerves so we can talk to each other before but not see!! 

    Fun with the wedding party!

    SUNSET! (a must)

  • I don't have any, besides the obvious... so I'm curious to see what everyone says!!  Post away, ladies!!!  :)
  • I definitely want to get a lot of 'fun' and 'goofy' shots. Our wedding day for us is going to be a blast, were not being traditional at all, so the fun shots are a must!

    This exact ramada is at the venue site, and ironically enough my photographer took this picture!

    This is an adorable way to get everyone in the wedding party in one shot.

    Totally have to do this!! So freakin funny! And FI will do one too with the girls, using his reverse foot. And maybe all in one shot too, hahaha, too cute!

    This is my HAVE TO have picture, FI doesn't want to do it, but he'll change his mind, lolol XD Girls acting like guys, and guys acting like girls <3

    And lastly, I want to do this, but I want the umbrella to say "Thank You" instead, and we'll use it for our thank you cards :) Were getting married in a very similar setting, so it will be perfect <3
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  • I have a bunch on my Pinterest board. I can't say there's any one in particular. 
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  • LittleLunar I love your last picture idea. That is awesome!
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  • I love seeing everyone's must have photos. My must have photos are basically all of the ones my photographer shoots :) she is the best!
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  • I'm pretty trusting of my photographers...(being a photographers ourselves, that was the most crutial wedding vendor for us to be completely excited about). Having said that theres an old hotel down the street from our venue that I REALLY REALLY want a sunset picture at. Its annoying because the time of the sunset is smack dab in the middle of the reception but we are going to find a way to steal some time to get away and take some in that location because its MUST for me. 

    Other pictures I really want to make sure I get are one of just my dress (maybe hanging in a window) /one of just my shoes

    I also want on of the whole bridal party here on the hill in the dirt..yeah Im kinda wierd, but thats where I grew up playing every summer...:


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  • I want one of FI and me under my veil kissing,   One of my back with my long veil, and one FI holding signs that say  thank you, to send with our thank you cards.  After the wedding one of me shooting dice at the craps table and if possible one in front of the Belligio water show those will be taken by friends.  I'd love one jumping on the bed but I'm getting ready at the venue
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