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Hello everyone! My name is Lorna, FI is Lucas, and we're getting married in May of 2013 or 2014... TBD by this weekend, after I have a discussion with the Dean of my law school about my academic track and how feasible it will be. At anyrate, after going back and forth looking at every single possible venue in Syracuse, NY (which is where we live) and finding really only one place we love but is slightly out of our budget range, my FI had an idea to get married in Philly. I guess he loved it so much when he lived here for a few years as a kid, and he's a huge Eagles fan, and would like to get married here. So, we're seriously considering it :)

My venue question is, has anybody had any experience with the Regal Ballroom? We fell head over heels in love with what we saw from the pictures and the packages are perfect for us, and it is within our budget. We want to take a trip down to check it out soon, and I just wanted to know if there is any helpful advice from some Knotties before we take the trip. Hello again and TIA!

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