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Hi girls,
I am 3 months out from my wedding, and really starting to panic over the budget. I am considering using the LA flower market rather than a florist to try to cut costs. Has anyone had experience here? Is it really that budget friendly? Is it a huge headache? Argggh, so confusted!

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    I used the flower mart for DIY - were you going to DIY or were you looking for a florist down there?

    I was so happy with my decision to DIY, and we saved a RIDICULOUS amount of money on our flowers.  We bought flowers, vases, etc. and came home with tons and tons of flowers.  If I can dig up my invoice sometime this weekend I'll post what I bought.  I wouldn't be surprised if my flowers would have cost at least $5,000 from a florist.

    I made 18 table arrangements, 2 huge arrangements for the ceremony, 24 floral aisle decorations, bmaid bouquets, bouts, manzanita placecard trees, cocktail centerpieces, and a few random extras like for our cake table.

    Even if you don't choose to go this route, everyone should experience going to the mart at least once in your life.  If you do go this route, you really should do a trial run.

    Be aware that the vendors are priced differently and some of them are more willing to bargain than others.  Ask to make sure that the flowers you're interested in will be in season when you need them too (I had wanted stock, but since it was out of season it cost so much more in the summer than the winter).
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    It's so nice to hear that you had a good experience there! Yes, we are interested in DIY. Our tables will be mainly a variety of bud vases (I want a rustic, wild flower feel for them) and we are making our own bouts and bridesmaids bouquets. If you don't mind sharing, how much was it for all that you purchased? 
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    You should go for a practice run before your should also practice your arrangements. When you go for your practice run buy all the things you'll need except for the flowers...tape, oasis, vases..EVERYTHING! I would look up everything you'll need in a florists book. you will need a good pair of sheers. Last bit of advice, you will prob do your flowers the day before the wedding, so if your wedding is on a sat then your flower day will be fri. So for your practice day go to the flower mart on a is different, different days of the week.
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