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I have the crappiest bridal party ever!!! Vent

Ok the shittiest! Yes I know,I know I choose them right? Yup, I did. I don't really have any super close girlfriends so I asked my sister to be maid maid of honor and my step sister to be the bridesmaid. All was fine until now we are coming down to the wire and I'm about ready to drop kick my maid of honor. My mom and I planned/ payed/hosted/prepared food for my bridal shower. My maid of honor didn't do a damn thing except make some pigs in a blanket. My bridesmaid wasn't even there she lives about 3 hrs away. My mom had to pay for the maid of honors dress alterations which cost $130!!! My mom also bought her a tanning package because she asked for it and is now wanting my mom to buy her some diamond earrings for the wedding. My mom is fed up with it and so am I. Maid of honor has major man drama she is dating her exes best friend and wants to bring him to the wedding!!! I'm stressed with her demanding attitude lately and I just might go bridezilla on her!!! P.s. my fiancé picked one of his brothers to be a groomsmen and we are going to have to pay for his suit! Sorry for the vent, but really I think I have the shittiest bridal party ever!!!!!

Re: I have the crappiest bridal party ever!!! Vent

  • Not trying to be mean, but the only thing your bridesmaids are required to do is show up on time on your wedding day wearing the dress that was agreed upon.

    Also, if your MOH was invited with a guest, she is entitled to bring whoever she wants.  You have no say in it.  

    I'm sorry that it's stressing you out, but they really don't sound like the shittiest bridal party ever to me.
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  • The wedding party knows when you ask them that they are going to be spending money to be part of your special day...did you tell them otherwise? Everyone should be paying for their own stuff other than whatever gift you decide to give them for being part of your special day. Now if y'all offered to pay for all of this stuff than I don't know what to tell you. It sounds like your mom needs to get some backbone with your sister and tell her no. As far as your sisters guest...if you said okay to guests there is nothing you can do there.
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  • That sucks that she hasn't been very supportive and is stressing you out. Try to just take a deep breath and let it go. If it makes you feel any better my little sister is also one of my maids of honor and I had to pay her part of the bachelorette party expense cuz she didn't have any money which included her dinner that night. I also paid for her shoes for my wedding because she couldn't afford to get them but my Mom is supposed to pay me back for that. She is in college though and I was happy to pay for those things for her cuz she can't find a job in the small college town she lives in. I just wanted her to be able to take part in all of my wedding activities. 
  • I kind of agree with the other ladies on this on. It could be much worse. FI and I actually had to buy one of our Bridesmaid's dresses because she couldn't afford hers, I don't think that makes her a shitty bridesmaid. Money is tight for her but we'd really like for her to be a part of it. I have absolutely no help really with mine because they all live out of state and far away. Only thing I ask of them is advice on something when I need it. I also don't see why bringing someone she's dating who used to be her ex's best friend makes her a shitty bridesmaid either. I am sorry you have to deal with attitude though.

    I think you just need to look at things in a different perspective because these are little things that really shouldn't affect your wedding and they won't unless you let them.
  • First off, what you wrote makes them possibly not as interested as you want them to be, but certainly not the crappiest bridal party.

    Your Mom should have said no to purchasing anything for them, unless she wanted to.
    If it wasn't done, budgets for dresses should have been discussed with each girl and the choice should have fell within the lowest budget (or you could have purchased it, if YOU wanted to)

    While it sucks if you don't have one, a shower, etc is not an owed event in regards to a wedding, and you should not have been invloved in planning it. If your Mom wanted too, cool, but no drama around it should have involved you.

    I would give people a timeline and such, and if they can't make it, then they remove themslslves, but don't kick anyone out, its often a friendship ending move.

    Also, breathe like a PP said, take some time for yourself. Go to the gym, or for a pedi or have a glass of wine. This is ONE day, no need losing friends over one day
  • I think that it is the stress of the MOH did not even throw me a bridal shower.  My future mother in law did and my MOH didnt show up because she didn't feel like it.  I am stressed out as well, but we did choose them for a reason.
  • Thst sucks but remember if they show up to the wedding and at least act supportive on your wedding day, you're golden.  My bm's aren't super helpful but they are all busy with lives.  They helped a little with the bridal shower (one bm and my fmil did the bulk of the planning and hosting).  If you have low expectatiions, then you can't be too disappointed.
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