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unusual reception ideas

Anyone got any unusual reception ideas to add a bit of a "difference!"???

Re: unusual reception ideas

  • Unique or different at weddings is really subjective.  It all depends on what is the norm in your circle of family and friends.

    Some things we did differently compared to our family and friends weddings - we had an outdoor ceremony, a cocktail hour with drinks and appetizers, a heavy hors d'oeuvres reception instead of buffet, and cheesecakes instead of wedding cake.

    Other people do a photobooth where guests can wear funny props and take silly pictures.  A soda bar with flavored things to put in your coke and sprite.  A coffee bar to make fancy coffees.  A candy bar of glass jars filled with various colored candies for guests to scoop up and take home.
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  • OMG! This is brilliant!

    At every wedding I've ever been to, the guests have been betting on the length of the wedding speeches - it adds a bit of craic to a normally quite mundane part of the meal!

    These fancy betting kits are actually free with Paddy Power & went down a treat at my friends wedding.... Im DEFINITELY getting some for mine!!

    You can order them at"> and they are totally FREE!!! They show pictures of them aswell if you're not sure!!

    This is definitely enjoy!

  • ...did you just create a post so that you could reply to yourself pushing your product as though you were a different poster?
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