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bringing kids..

getting married in Bahamas. I know that some ppl might make this a vaction and bring their children but we didnt want very young children at the reception. Is it my responsibility to hire a sitter?

Re: bringing kids..

  • Nope.  Most people wouldn't drop their kids off in a foreign country w/ a sitter anyway.  Just say "Adult Reception" and if they RSVP that they're bringing their kids, it's up to you to call and tell them that, unfortunately, the kids aren't invited.  I'm sure there's a nicer way to say that though. :)  I'm doing the same thing... it kinda sucks, but - guess what - it's your wedding and you make the rules.
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  • I had an "adult reception" at my first wedding and it went over ok. As Emily said, Not sure how people would react leaving their children with a stranger in a different country. Although maybe if they know ahead of time, they can leave the kids home with a family member instead or bring a sitter with them. I would just make sure to let people figure out what to do before they book their trip.
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  • Agreed.  What we did was send an e-mail out to our close friends and family once we had the location nailed down... and we casually threw it in there that it was going to be an Adult reception, so that they knew from the beginning.  That was a little less than a year out.  Obviously, we didn't have anything on the STD's about it, but I did put "Adult Reception to follow" on the invitation for anyone who may have forgot...

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  • thanks. i have a feeling this will be a touchy subject for some people!
  • Try to spin it as this is a romantic celebration and you want them to be able to fully enjoy the "atmosphere" that the Bahamas has to offer.  Or, something like everyone deserves an adult getaway, and this is the perfect time for it

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    [QUOTE]Try to spin it as this is a romantic celebration and you want them to be able to fully enjoy the "atmosphere" that the Bahamas has to offer.  Or, something like everyone deserves an adult getaway, and this is the perfect time for it
    Posted by murphanzo[/QUOTE]

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  • I wouldn't recommend printing 'adult only' anywhere on the invitation.  Normally, you make it clear who is invited (and not) based on the way the invitation is addressed.  You can also mention on your website that the resort is adult only.  If anyone does try to RSVP with a little one, you will just have to call them, same as any other event where kids aren't invited.  It'll be really awkward to allow some kids but not all kids, though, and you should be aware that some folks may decline to come at all rather than entrust their children to a sitter in a new location.  I can see parents leaving older children with resort programs, but not the younger ones.
  • I'd let everyone know through the website, word of mouth, only putting the adults names on the invitations and on their reply cards putting that 2 seats (if it's for two adults) have been reserved in the honor. 
  • Man.. I was totally on board w/ everyone saying not to print it on the invite.  I thought who it was addressed to was enough.  FI, FMIL and quite a few of my girlfriends completely disagreed and claimed I'd be dealing with major drama if I didn't put it.  It just says "Adult reception to follow" at the bottom of the wedding invite.  I specifically didn't want "Adult only" b/c I thought that sounded snotty haha.  Oh well, too late now....
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  • I've been to a few weddings where even though the invite was addressed to the adults only, they still brought their kids. Not sure if some people are just oblivious or just didn't care cause what would the bride or groom actually say to someone at their wedding if they brought kids? After this, most of my friends had invites saying "adult reception to follow". I didn't take it personally, when my dtr was younger I'd rather leave her with a sitter so I could have fun.
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  • We have a babysitter on-site for the kids coming to our wedding. This way the parents can still see the kids if they want, but they will be in a different area.
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  • My invite had an insert "Accomadations" that gave the info about the resort. The first line, "Secrets is an all inclusive adults only resort..." This way there was no confusion. Plus we told everyone and anyone that it was an 18 and up resort. This way there was no confusion.
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