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Date stress!

We decided on a venue. It's more expensive than we planned EXCEPT if we get married in January or February. I have always dreamed of an outside wedding. Also! The location is Jacksonville, so deeper east Texas. Any suggestions on a date or how we can make it work?
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Re: Date stress!

  • I guess you have to pick what is important to you.  If you are set on an outside wedding, January or February won't work, in my opinion.  While the weather might be good enough for outdoors, I certainly wouldn't count on it.  If you have your wedding in March, is it going to put you over budget? 
    On the other hand, if you can have it indoors, I think the winter months are awesome for weddings.  It is unique and there are a lot of really pretty and elegant decor options.  Plus, people aren't burned out from "wedding season," so it might make your wedding more fun for guests.  That's my opinion, and of course I'm biased because I'm a winter wedding girl.  :) 
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  • The original date was April 26, 2014 for sentimental reasons. This venue is perfect for us and the date change is literally saving us almost 4k!!!! So making these months work is essential for us. I guess if we do have an indoor wedding we can always take pictures outside? The manager did say if we had it outside they have gorgeous fire pits. I feel very confused!
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  • I think you can totally plan on some outdoor pictures.  Plus, if they have fire pits actually running, you could maybe have a little area for guests to lounge or whatnot if it is decent outside.  Or maybe you'll get lucky and it will be like today.  :)

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  • I am totally praying!!!  And thank you so much for responding.  I love that you are also a winter wedding girl :)
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