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Jewish/Scottish Wedding

My family is Jewish and my sister is marrying wonderful guy whose family is Scottish(atheist). It is important to everyone to honour both traditions. The cermony will be Jewish-style, conducted under a chuppah by a Cantor. They will be piped in by bagpiper and the groom, groomsmen & his dad will be kilts.
Any other thoughts/suggestions for these two?
What about coording MOH & BM dresses with the kilts?

Re: Jewish/Scottish Wedding

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    We've created a number of Jewish Scottish ceremonies over the years. Many times couples choose to incorporate a handfasting ritual into the ceremony. FYI we created for interfaith and intercultural couples that want to honor both traditions during their ceremony. 
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    I think this sounds lovely.

    In terms of BM dresses, if the men are wearing tartans, I would keep the dresses simple. Maybe pick out one key colour from the tartan and go with that.

    If you could find ribbon for the BM bouquets to match the kilts, that could be super cute.
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