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Giorgios in Baiting Hollow

So after seeing Giorgios this weekend, I'm torn.  The place is beautiful and the price is right but it's a bit far (an hour plus) from where most of my guests live.  Can anyone give me any thoughts on the place and the distance if you had to deal with the same issues.  It's gonna be on a Sunday too which makes it tricky.  Can anyone give me any feedback on if you've been there on how everything was and if distance really mattered to anyone?  thanks!

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Re: Giorgios in Baiting Hollow

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    Their food gets cold, it's overpriced (IMHO), the bridal suite isn't handicapped accessible, the staff was rude. I wasn't happy with them, and we didn't wind up booking with them because of it.
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    Rdomb - I got married there about a month ago and it was AMAZING!! I posted a review after my wed too. I live in Fla and had all my family come from Brooklyn, which was over an hour away and everyone was fine with it. They kept asking me all night how I found the place and how absolutely gorgeous it was:-) My husband's fam is mostly from East Islip so it was about a 40 min drive. I searched for places in May 09 and Giorgio's might have been the 6th place I went to. When we walked in there, we knew we didn't need to look any further. I did a twilight wedding, which was on a Sunday at 5pm. Only my wed going on. I went to the showcase they had last July and brought my dad, which is soooo picky about food. Let me just say - the food was amazing - he actually had no compliants!! At my wedding, my friends from Fla thought the cocktail hour was it - there was so much food and soooooo good!!! oh another thing - it smells so nice and clean in there too!!! i went to some halls and some smelled funny/moldy to me.
    George Jr. gave us a great price per person too. Dawn (the planner there) was great at getting back to me and following up and the day of bridal attendant was awesome. We were treated great the day of. I would definitely look no further and if you like real good italian food - it's your place. A month later - everyone's still talking about my wed!!!! Good luck with your decision!!! p.s. there aren't any negative reviews out there if you google it out or check out liweddings.com - i posted a good one on there too - they deserved it!
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    I just gave them a negative review. If they can't make a good impression at a showcase, how can they impress your guests?
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    Lynn -

        Thank you so much for your words!! I walked in and LOVED the place. I agree many places that I looked at had a funny odor the minute I walked in, and the really weren't what I was looking for. I'm going to have an AM wedding (if I can sell my Dad on it - we're going to the showcase on Thursday) this way my guest can get home. I'm having a few ooters - but am going to block off rooms for sat night. The price for a twilight wasn't amazing - but the price for an am was 35 dollars less per plate. Can you tell me who you used for your photography? Thank you again!!!!
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    My step sister got married there about 2 years ago, on a Friday in OCtober.
    In terms of travel, anyone from NYC will take a while.  Where are most of your guests that are an hour away? In Nassau? West Suffolk?
    There was basically a monsoon that day of her wedding and it took people 2 1/2 hours from Nassau county.  Many people missed the ceremony and parts of the cocktail hour.

    The bridal suite is NOT handicapped accessible, as it's up a long flight of stairs.

    We thought the service was amazing (i was MOH) for the bridal party, and the bride LOVED every second of it. 

    My comments would be that the groom had some issues with the alcohol part of the contract, as he wanted a bar open prior to the ceremony for his bridal party, and despite it being in the contract, they did not accomodate.

    The other piece was the dinner. The cocktail hour food was outstanding, but our dinners were all awful. 

    Again, the BRIDE loved it, and even though i talk about traffic, there's nothing you can do about that.  But definitely think about how far it is!
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    anabeth - sorry the showcase didn't work out for you when you were there, but i went to the showcase last july of 09 and it was amazing....the spread they had for the food was outstanding that day.

    Rdomb - Great!! I hope you go with them! I planned my wedding from Fla and basically through email! It all worked out great! I used Big John from ADA Photography. I clicked with him b/c he has a great personality. He also gave me a great package. I got my proofs back and they look wonderful. He took us and also the maitre d from Giorgio's -  down to the LI Sound to do pics too. I wanted the water in the background. The pics I took at Giorgio's looked like we were in a vineyard....awesome!  Let me know if you want his cell # or any other info. on vendors...I had a great experience! Def. go to the showcase - you gotta check out the whole grounds!!! Good luck!!!!
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    Lynn - I'll be in touch with you. I'm going to their showcase on Thursday, and really cannot wait. The entire place is seriously amazing. I've been to their facilities, and they even took me to the sound to show me while I was out there. The only thing I'm worried about is the travel, but as of now I figure - I'm having it on a sunday... and it'll be over by 530 - not terrible!!

    Lisa - Most of my party is coming from Nassau - and I havent' been satisfied with some of the places there - Woodbury country club is second on my list. I do not have anyone who would have an issue walking up and down the stairs to the brial suite - and my FI doesn't want people drinking before the ceremony either - plus it'll be 1130 and they can wait a half hour :) I'm going to try the food if I plan on booking - in my contract there will be a clause where I can break it if i'm unsatisfied with the food - we shall see

    Thank you all for your comments!!!!
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    Great! Let me know after Thurs.! I'm sure ADA will be there too...are you using a dj? I used LI Sound  - AMAZING! Yeah - mine was at 5 since I had bklyn people and OOTERS from FLA  and didn't want to do it early. It was over by 11pm which was good since they had to drive back. My dad made it home in like an hr.:-)
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    I can't say I've been to a wedding there, but I did go to their Easter Brunch this year and the food was fantastic and the service was just right.  My family tends to go out to buffets on holidays due to different dietary restrictions, and this was probably the best of that sort of thing we've been to.
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    I live not too far from there and considered them for my wedding.  I actually decided to book a place in Massapequa which is over an hour away from me so that is a similar boat.  I've decided to stay at a hotel over there the night before so I don't have to worry about crazy LI traffic the day of and can get ready in peace.  I don't think Giorgio's is too far if it's in your budget and the type of place that you want.

    I met with one of the owners and he was super nice.  I think the place is really elegant and posh and would be good for a traditional or princess type of wedding. 

    I've been there for brunch and the food was so so but I've heard great things about it and it could have just been that 1 particular day.
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    Can anyone tell me about the prices for this place? It really looks amazing, so i'm wondering what the prices are for a sunday evening wedding...Undecided
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    The prices arent that spectacular in my opinion. My wedding is on a Sunday and the price were still 100 per plate which includes taxes, tips etc. The venue is beautiful though.
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