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Ushers invited to RD?

My fiance' and I were both discussing if we are supposed to invite his 2 friends who will be ushers to the rehearsal/dinner? We are fine either way- just wasn't sure what the etiquette was. They won't be doing anything in the actual ceremony, as our grandparents and parents will seat themselves with their spouses', etc. They will just seat our other guests.

So what about you guys? Would you invite ushers and their date/family/guest to the rehearsal dinner as well? I don't want to have additional meals for my FIL's to pay for, if its not necessary.

Re: Ushers invited to RD?

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    Technically they should if they are listed as part of the bridal party. 

    Also depending on where you get married, the ushers should be at the rehearsal - some places like to know who those people are as a go to regarding seating miscellany or as a go to person to take care of a parking situation or other odds and ends like that.

    PS - will you have an aisle runner or will it be pre-lain out?  Often times if it is pulled out as part of the ceremony the ushers do it.
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    Ours will be because they're going to be at the rehearsal, since they're part of the processional with the grandparents =P
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    The ushers are part of the wedding party and should be invited to the rehearsal and RD.
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    Thanks everyone-- I assumed that's what most would say, but doesn't hurt to ask :) StageManager- since you mentioned that they didn't rent tuxes, is that the norm for ushers? Wasn't sure on that either!
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    Re: tux vs. no tux for ushers - really a matter of taste/affordability but often they wear their best suit.  Most weddings I've been to ushers are teens or college students so they usually just wear a nice suit/best dress.
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