Custon(ish) Foods

I'm having a Muppets/Mardi Gras themes wedding and I have some specific types of food in mind that, with label cards, can be Muppets themed.


I want stuff like that, which is fairly simple to do myself, but I don't have to space to store everything that would need to be made for the event. Even if only half of the people I plan on inviting attend, that's still food for 100 people.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recomendations?

Re: Custon(ish) Foods

  • Do you want recs on an outside person who could possibly do it for you? Or suggestions on how to store the stuff you are going to prepare yourself?

    I don't have any catering recs (though this does look fairly easy to do yourself, or have a friend do it for a small fee if they offer). But I don't see why, if your supplies can't fit in your own fridge) you can't ask a good friend or family member if there is space in their fridges to help you store the food. Have you thought about buying a used additinal fridge (in good condition) or buying a new or midsized fridge for your garage. 

    The otehr supplies for tags and things just seem like paper and felt. Not big enough to be a storage issue, I wouldn't think. I'm just confused about your question, I guess. I understand not having room for additional food for a wedding or larger party, but paper fits pretty much anywhere. 
  • I sent you a message. I too am searching for that perfect person to do our specific foods we want. 
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