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With only 19 days to go disaster struck last night.  While at the Verizon Center for a Bon Jovi concert (they rocked!) I missed a step coming down the stairs and badly strained my ankle.  I went to the doctor today luckily there were no breaks or fractures, but he said I badly tore a ligament.  (Probably didn't help that I stood on it for 2 hours hopping up and down like an idiot).  I now have to wear a boot for at least 2 weeks!  I have an appointment to see him on Tuesday just days before the wedding to see if I've healed enough to take it off.  I can't believe it!  I'm super clumsy but I've never really hurt myself.  What a lousy time for my luck to run out.  I'm drowning my sorrows in a milk shake. 

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