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Need help finding a "Mini-moon" location

My fiance and I are looking to go on a mini-moon (a smaller honeymoon that is not the actual honeymoon) after the wedding. our honeymoon is 4 months after our wedding in january (due to his work vacation time) but we want to have a small getaway after the wedding for 2-3 nights to escape all the maddness lol. we are thinking new york but want to know if any other places. we have not done new york together yet. we have been to niagara falls, quebec city and a lot of other places in canada and are not interested in going there.

can anyone think of some possibe places?


Re: Need help finding a "Mini-moon" location

  • I was going to recommend Montreal or Quebec City, but it says youve been to a lot of Canadian cities. If you havent been to Montreal I would really reccomnd there - stay in Old Montreal, it is beautiful. 

    If not, New York would be a good option, or Boston. What about flying out west to Vancouver or Victoria Island?

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  • I've had friends go to Chicago for a few days and said it was really fun. Porter has good seat sales going there.
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  • How about Vegas?

  • i actually live in vancouver (i'm on this page since my wedding will be in Caledon, Ontario and i'm originally from Toronto). we have been to Victoria and Vegas several times. we were hoping somewhere near the GTA either in the states or canada. i have not been to old montreal. and chicago is also a thought. has anyone been to atlantic city/ is that a good option?
  • I've done Atlantic City maybe 15 times over the last 20 years... it's a lot of fun and good for a short vacation. It's pretty much a mini vegas....some show options, a boardwalk.. and a few nice things to see
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  • I would say Montreal too - Old Montreal is lovely.  Also, what about vacationing up in the Muskokas? What about the wineries at Niagara on the lake.   There's plenty of beautiful cottages, cabins, etc.  Also - what about PEI?
  • I know you mentioned you have been to a lot of places in Canada but what about Algonquin Park? Last year my H and I went to a couples resort in Whitney, ON www.couplesresort.ca
    It is worth checking out, we had a great time and it is a romantic getaway or mini-moon Wink.
  • Kingston and Prince Edward County. But only in the Summer.
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    Do you ski/snowboard?  You could go up Barrie-way and stay at a lodge for a few nights.  Ski, tube, snowshoe, cross country ski, spa... Blue Mountain is obviously the first one that comes to mind but there are others.

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