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Dream rehearsal dinner location?

I'm currently helping a friend of mine plan a rehearsal dinner, and we've run into a bit of a snag. The bride's dream rehearsal dinner locale is about an hour or so from downtown DC, where she's getting married. Her wedding consists largely of out-of-town guests, and we're trying to figure out how to work this. She had planned to rent out this small B&B for the dinner (the one that is an hour away) and have her out of town guests arrive there Friday evening (she would pay for the rooms and dinner and all that). That evening the rehearsal dinner would be largely a celebration of those who took the time (and money) to come see her and the groom's wedding. The next day, a luxury charter bus (again, paid for by the bride and groom) will pick them up and take them downtown to the wedding and another downtown hotel where guests would be staying until they fly out Sunday afternoon.

Even though the bride and groom are paying for all this, is it too much to ask out of town guests to do all this traveling?

Re: Dream rehearsal dinner location?

  • I would personally not want to have to pack up and change hotel rooms after only one night. I think that's asking a lot of guests. Where will they put their stuff in between? Most places require check-out by noon. Even if they could board the bus right then, what time is the wedding? Many hotels won't let you check-in until 3 PM or later, so if the wedding is before then, is all their stuff going to stay on the bus? What happens if she doesn't want to pay for the bus that long? Not only that, but now they are schlepping around bags in their nice wedding outfits and trying to check into a new hotel in the midst of the wedding.

    I think it's a bad idea all around, logistically speaking.

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  • I agree.  And although I know the rehearsal doesn't have to be at the ceremony location, I think it's a bit silly to be an hr away from it.  It just kind of seems like your friend really wanted to have her wedding there, so this is a consolation prize....and a pain for the guests!

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