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signature drink question

We are having a beer and wine reception, but I also want to have a signature drink.  I know what I want but it takes a blender to make...

Is it okay to use a blender or would it be too loud OR would it be possible to pre-mix everything but the alcohol and just add it in as ordered?  We can bring in anything but the alcohol (has to be ordered through venue).  or should I find another drink :(

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Re: signature drink question

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    Are you having a bartender? If so, I would ask the bartending service what they think is best. My only concern with a blender would be that it would take too long for people to get their drinks if they have to be blended just right - this could cause a long line to get to the bar which no one is a fan of.
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    I agree with PP.  When it comes to booze, the shorter the line, the better.

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    Could you find a similar flavored drink that doesn't require blending or could be served on the rocks?
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  • Heather8505Heather8505 member
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    I'll talk to the bartender about it and see if they have experience with this kind of thing and how well it went.  I can use another drink if we have to but just kind of had my heart set on hummingbirds because those are what we both drank in Jamaica when we got engaged.  and I would be perfectly happy with just beer and wine except I dont like either :(
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    If it won't work to have them made to order at the bar, maybe you can have them made in batches and have servers walking around with trays of them during the cocktail hour.  That will reduce congestion at the bar, but you'll still get to serve the cocktail.  I also am a fan of passed drinks in general.

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    Honestly, I don't know how many people will like hummingbirds. I know you're serving beer and wine, and most people will be satisfied with that, but hummingbirds don't exactly enjoy a wide audience. I don't know how many people would actually order that.
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  • bbybluz77bbybluz77 member
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    Since it's blended, I think you woud need to have your bartender/caterer premake the drink, and keep it in one of those rotating drink machines (ie. a margarita machine) in order to keep it fresh. Blending each drink individually would not work. I also like Jessica's idea of having it served during the cocktail hour.

    I don't think you need to worry about the signature drink pleasing everyone at your wedding. If they don't like the drink, they can drink beer or wine instead. That should please almost everyone.

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