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Rehearsal dinner - who to invite?

As far as who is invted to the rehearsal dinner, I know the WP is invited. 
Are spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends of your WP invited along with them, as well? 
What about grandparents?  Are they supposed to be there? 
We are having 2 ushers, are they invited?
Anyone else who should specifically be invited or not so much? 


Re: Rehearsal dinner - who to invite?

  • We invited WP, their spouses/guests, readers, ushers, parents, grandparents, RB and FG with their parents as well as very close aunts and uncles.  We also invited our 2 international guests. We had 30 people. 
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  • Are you having an actual rehearsal, or just a dinner? If you're having an actual rehearsal, anyone attending the rehearsal for free, plus those people's significant others, should be invited.

    If you're having an actual rehearsal, chances are you want your ushers there to go over how to pass out programs and where to seat VIPs.

    If your officiant is someone with a non-wedding connection to you, your fiance, or your families, it's proper to invite him and his wife, even if the officiant is receiving a fee.

    People attending the rehearsal for free are the WP, any readers or other people who need to rehearse, and the couple's parents.

    People being paid might be the officiant, the photographer, the organist, a wedding coordinator.
  • we are having our rehersal at  7:30 in the evening and maybe just going for desserts after. 

    at the rehersal we will have:
    -siblings (because my mom is making them be there)

    when we go out after we don't feel it's nessacary to invite additional guests since our whole wedding is kind of laid back.  So in total we will have 16 people if we go out somewhere for desserts. 
  • WP + dates, parents, ushers.  We wanted to keep it small but still had about 30 people.
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  • mia888mia888 member
    your WP of course and those who will be participating in the rehearsals if you have one. If you are just having the rehearsal dinner itself, then both your families and you and your FHs close friends are usually the ones you need to invite. Aside from the rehearsal, this dinner is a good introduction/bonding time for both families as you may never have time to do that after the wedding. it doesn't have to be too formal though.
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