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need venue help - had one but cancelled bc too expensive

hi everyone,

i was one of those overeager brides that booked everything in a matter of  a 2 month period. our date is june 24, 2012 and while i know i have a lot of time, i need to find a new venue.  we were currently booked at east wind but it is just way over our budget and saving the money in time is putting a real strain on our relationship (we've never argued about money prior to saving for this wedding). i was wondering if anyone could recommend anywhere that would accomodate about 100 people (probably more) for around 50pp? it doesnt have to be a catering hall, a restaurant is fine as well. if we have to cut down the guest list we will do that. i dont want to not have anything as we are the first to be married out of both of our families but i dont think a wedding has to be 50k to be good. i would appreciate any help!
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Re: need venue help - had one but cancelled bc too expensive

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    I'm so sorry to hear. I have to think about this - I haven't been priced anywhere for less than mid to upper 60s. Are you willing to change the time when you get married - the seasons make a huge difference.
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    Are you looking to be in Nassau or Suffolk?  If it's a restaurant, what type of cuisine are you looking for?  Most restaurants can do it for less than $45/head, but keep in mind that you are going to be losing a LOT of the extras, including open bar, the champagne toast, cakes, etc.  I would highly recommend two things:

    1) Price out what the total cost would be to hold it in a restaurant.  Linens, flowers, decor, liquor, etc, and then compare it to what it would cost to hold it at East Wind.

    2) Consider changing your date.  You can probably get it down by about $20/head by getting married in the winter.

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    As Rdomb said June is a big wedding month and tends to be more $$ then say Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March.......I know that The Bentwood Country club does a great package deal, my cousin is getting married there this Oct and I hear its beautiful. I believe they provide EVERYTHING, but the dress and tux, I think its around 10,000 for ALL which is a super deal!! I would deff recommend checking it out. I also hear The Irish Coffee pub is a nice place and not too expensive more of a resturant feel then hall, I believe it's in Islip. GL :)
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    I would try the Fox Hollow. I'm getting married there in November for 69.00pp for 75 people.
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    What about Westbury Manor ? Is fair pricing and have all sorts of halls ...

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    i would check into looking at a different time of the year or day. we were on a very tight budget and are getting married the Sunday before Columbus day. so we got a cheaper price due to it being on a Sunday but it works cause everyone will have that Monday off. otherwise we were gonna have to get married during the off season times, jan-march. 
    however when we booked in jan, they offered us extremely good deals for this coming march and april cause they were trying to fill in empty days. like 40 pp on a sat in april w/ alot of free stuff, we were actually tempted to take the day but just the thought of planning a wedding in 3 months almost made me pass out lol. some people would rather the shorter timing, ask some halls if they have open dates. or let play it off and let them ask you. if you come out asking they will just charge reg price.
    but from when we went looking there were some good deals at fox hollow and jericho terr.  that i know off hand.  but i think they only way to really cut the cost is changing the time of year. ask about winter months.
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    Like everyone else said, try considering a different day/season.  Fall can be beautiful!  I'm getting married in October at The Swan Club for a very reasonable price.  We upgraded to a "platinum" package so we're paying a bit more per head but the prices they quoted us (for a Friday night mind you) were under $100.  And NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE, never know what a place is willing to do for you if you just ask!
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    I went to so many venues in Nassau County when I started....the lowest price I found pp was at Leonards of Great Neck - the guy was going to price it for us at $55pp, I believe. They do alot of parties and up to 5 events in one night, that they can bring their price point down.  And if i recall - I don't think anything out of the norm was excluded, there was open bar, 3 choices for meal, desert..etc... 

    If you don't mind a bustling venue - check it out

    Good Luck! 
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    I got my venue for a Saturday night in October for 65 bucks a head not including tax. even the ceremony is only 500. So i was very happy! The rest of the long island expenses are what has me freakin out.  Watermill and westbury manor are about 80-90 a head on a Saturday afternoon.

    And dont fight too much with your man. This is really a true testimate to how your relationship will be during times of serious money talks. I've never heard ANY bride so that her FI is all aboard with ever cost the bride is coming up with. Men just don't plan or think the way we do. All men know is that when you say the word wedding is means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They just dont know how much until they are in the middle of it! Hang tight!
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    We have a thursday wedding in August of 2012 at Chateau La Mer for $60pp (before tax) :)
    Good luck in your search!
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