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This is the big dilemma in my head right now. I have drawn up a seating chart for now but I am not sure if I am going to use it or not.
 My FI is black and I am white. So when I set it up, the seating chart looked a little segregated! LOL I did not like that. I feel like I can't assign seating and then separate immediate families.
So, I am thinking that if I let people find there own seating, they can segregate themselves! LOL
Any advice?


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    I would leave people together the way you planned.  People would rather sit with people they know and want to talk to than sit through dinner with strangers.  BUT, just make sure you mix tables up so you don't put all of your fiance's family on one side and yours on the other.  Mix that part of it up a bit.  Then it won't look as segregated when people look around the room.
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    Agree with PP.  You don't want to force people to make small talk with peple they don't know so you feel politically correct!  But definitely intersperse your family's tables with his.  This will also allow people to sit with people they are comfortable with but mingle with nearby tables so your families can socialize and get to know each other.
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    I'll be going through this same issue, as I'm black and FI is white Smile.  I'm probably going to sit families/friends together, but stagger the tables or something so it doesn't look segregated as well.

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    I had the same issue--dh is black and I am white. I was so stressed about figuring out the seating with all of MY family drama that I didn't even think about the b&w thing. LOL!!! =)
    We kept families/groups together and considering the rainbow of friends we have, I don't think it seemed segregated. 
    I will say that I've only been to one wedding where they had a sit down dinner with no assigned seating and it wasn't done very well (it was kind of awkward rushing for a table). 
    If you have 5 months though, I wouldn't worry too much about seating charts at this point. Presumably you still have some time before people rsvp. 

    Good luck!! 
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