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Asking for time off work

Friday will be the 6 month mark until my wedding and I am realizeing how much I have to do the week of and freaking out. I work retail part time and work anywhere between 2-11 pm at night and my fioncee works 4-11 at the same store so we dont go to bed until 2 or 3 am so we can spend time togeather so doing stuff before work does not happen. I realized i need to ask for 2 weeks and 3 days off work for the wedding and honeymoon july 28th to august 12 th going back to work on the 13th (our wedding is august 3rd). It will be the busy back to school time and I have 30 hours of vacation time. I am so worried they will not let me have all the time off even though I let them know as soon as we booked our ceremony site. I am wondering can they actually not give me the time off or can I take personal leave of absence for my wedding.
 I guess I am just going nuts my anziety level is so high right now with everything going on. I keep thinking of everything that could go wrong and how to try to prevent what I can. 
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Re: Asking for time off work

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    Have you already asked for the time off? I would just keep gently reminding them off exactly when you need off, you have 6 months for it to sink in.

    I'm sure it will be fine!
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  • I'm sure you will be fine as well. A lot of managers understand that this is a once in a life time event. If you have a female manager, i am sure she will understand the stress of it all for the time before the wedding. 
  • I agree that they should be understanding about how big of a deal getting married is. I would just be sure to put in a formal time off request asap. FI already put in and got his time off approved so just do it sooner than later.
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  • The only way you can ease your mind is to discuss it with your boss or manager and ensure they know you need the time.  Write a formal request & also discuss it face-to-face.  That should give you peace of mind.  If there are any changes in management above you from now until the wedding, be sure to bring it up with any new supervisor or manager as well as soon as you learn you report to them.
  • I have two jobs, both part-time.  At the one job, I make my own schedule and my boss is 100% understandable.  At my other job, have not told my boss yet (though suspect she knows as the gossip circle has been talking).  I am worried that my 2nd job will give me grief, but seeing how I'm planning on quitting that job sometime this year, I'm not too worried, I may end up quitting before the wedding.
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