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Need recs for powder over foundation

I have Revlon Colorstay foundation that I'm pretty sure I like, I just need to find a powder to go over it. Without that, I feel like it looks too dewey and I want it to be matte. I've been using Revlon Photo Ready powder (pretty sure that's what it's called). I'm not happy with how it looks - I guess it's not natural enough. When you look at my face close up you can see it. Any recs? TIA!

Re: Need recs for powder over foundation

  • I haven't used this before, but it looks like it's a pressed powder?  Are you applying it with a sponge type thing or using a powder brush?  The brush *should* make it appear, well, less.  Try swirling the brush lightly and give it a tap before you apply.  Start in the T zone and work your way out.
  • I agree with Amoro.  I use Estee Lauder Lucidity pressed powder but toss the sponge applicator as soon as I open it. Use a face makeup brush and you will get a smooth matt finish.
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  • Yes it's a pressed powder and it's applied with a brush. I'll try that tomorrow Amoro - thanks!
  • Does it come with a brush or are you using a different one?  It really depends on how something is applied most of the time, I think.  But, if you're still not happy with it, I've always just used the Cover Girl stuff and that's been more than fine.

    Have you taken photos of you wearing it to see if it shows up as unnatural?
  • Hi Apple, I would highly recommend Studio Fix Powder Foundation by M.A.C.  Once I used the revlon colorstay powder foundation in a pinch and threw it away.  With Revlon's colorstay they put a lot of filler titanium dioxide, which is good a concealing skin flaws.  Its used a lot in mineral make-up.  Titanium dioxide also has sunblocking properties.  So when sitting in a mirror it looks great.  When you take a picture with a flash the the titanium dioxide reflects the light, hence white face.  If you go online Revlon has about 7.3% titanium dioxide and M.A.C. has traces.  It is expensive however some things are worth splurging on (along with eye-shadow).  I have done make-up  for my friends wedding and there pictures turned out great and stays a lot longer.  Some of the higher end make-up is priced more high for a good reason because they have more pigment, not filler.  And sometimes it priced high for the name brand.  An example is mascara, I found some lower priced brands to work the best.
  • I have a couple things I use. (I've used them when I have been professionally photographed before if that helps). I use smashbox primer (highly recommended by a photographer friend of mine), foundation, DuWop powder primer, and followed by Clinique loose translucent powder, in Neutral. I know that's a lot (not my everyday routine for sure). But it photographs BEAUTIFULLY and stays on for quite a long time. (I've worn it through a couple weddings I've been in, and quite a bit comes off when I wash my face  at the end of the night.

    Like someone else said, watch the ingredients. You don't want anything that sparkles or has mineral content. If you live in a city where there is a Sephora, go in and talk to them. I've gotten awesome recommendations.
  • i use the loose powder from smash box with the revlon and it works great, most loose powders that are translucent and dont have spf should be fine
  • I'm in love with Make Up For Ever's High Def loose powder. You can find it exclusivly at Sephora.
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