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Rhode Island

Belle Mer - in April?

Hi girls!  I'm new here (just got engaged in January) & we just started looking at venues this past weekend.  We looked at the Salon at Belle Mer, but the event minimum for our preferred date (June 2013) was more than we had planned on spending for the entire wedding (not even including the administration fees & taxes!).  After emailing with the coordinator, she suggested the Island House in April with an event minimum about 60% cheaper.  Our guest list wasn't much over the capacity of the Island House, so trimming it a bit won't be that big of a deal.  My major concern is cold weather.  Has anyone had their wedding or been to wedding at Belle Mer in April?  Was it too cold to enjoy the outdoor space (that's really my favorite part!)? 

We also looked at the Newport Yachting Center and will be visiting the Regatta Place hopefully this weekend.  If anyone has input in either of those venues, too - I'd really appreciate it!  We would keep the June date (if it's available) at these locations because their prices don't seem to fluctuate with dates.
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Re: Belle Mer - in April?

  • I am getting married at Belle Mer Island House in May (the 4th) and I was told they pump the heat in from 4 different places so that it's even and the flaps being down keep the heat in.  I'll update you in 2months if you haven't booked yet!

    I did go to a wedding at Regatta Place in October 2010, it was FREEZING that day and they only have the heat at both ends of the tent, so the middle (where we were) was freezing, but the people at the ends were sweating, and then the tent got really hot once we started dancing.  The food also came cold, but again, I don't know if that's because it was sitting outside waiting to be given to us or just a fluke for our table.

    Belle Mer's Island House has the kitchen attached to it, so it goes right from the kitchen into the room, so hopefully it'll all come out hot.
  • We are booking our reception at the Newport Yachting Center for June 2013...the coordinator has been awesome to work with so far. We looked at Belle Mer as well and loved it... But at the end of the day we decided we wanted to have our wedding during the summer (and NYC was more affordable for our guest count during the summer) good luck!! :)
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  • I think we're going to end up doing the same.  I just realized that even though the minimum is lower, the food & beverage prices stay the same, so it's still more than we want to spend.  NYC is a lot more reasonable & we can stay in the warmer months.  Thanks & good luck to you, too :) 
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  • Newport in April tends to be freezing, and not to mention that the month of April is also usually very rainy. I think it's def a high risk you are taking. I initially thought that venue was so important but started to realize that it's so much more then that. You can create the feel u want in any space! Good luck!
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