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Reception decorations

We aren't getting married until July 02, 2011, but we're trying to find the perfect place for our wedding reception around the Ames area under a budget. Right now we are thinking Gates Hall in Nevada, but the only problem is you are only allowed to use free standing and table decorations. I am having trouble trying to find any free standing decorations we could use. We haven't booked Gates Hall yet because we can't until this July. I am not very creative, so if anyone can help me think of any free standing decoration ideas that would be great! Thanks!

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Re: Reception decorations

  • bassclrnt2004bassclrnt2004 member
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    Tall Vases on the floor....they don't have to be filled with flowers, but you could use sand, rocks, water, decor balls, could put lights in them, the thoughts could be endless...

    Also, table decorations are the simplest yet the most wide range decor you could have. Just think practical first - plates, silverware, glasses, napkins. Then expand at menu cards wrapped in the napkin, place cards, a favor at each plate, ect.

    I think what they are worried about is the little stuff that is hard to clean up and not punching holes in walls. Don't deal with confetti or rose petals - they are a hassel to clean up.  Hope this helps!
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    you can rent tall candlelabras from a variety of places. some of our centerpieces were 6 foot tall trees with pink orchids glued to the branches - they were beautiful and freestanding.

    if you are doing floral centerpieces, i would do a combination of tall, medium and low to create a big impact without having to do any other floor decor. Just a thought.
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    Anolther venue in Ames is Hickory Park Hall.  That is where we are having both our ceremony and reception.  They waive the $2000 rental fee once your food/alcohol tab hits $2000.  I personally loved it.  You might want to check it out.  Also, check out Celebrations in Ames.  They rent everything you'd need.
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    I'm doing my reception at the Quality Inn in Ames and they rent their room for $500. You have to do your catering through them and it ranges from about $22-26/person. They provide the tableclothes, linens, silverware, etc.
    Check out Celebrations in Ames. They rent a bunch of different things, including centerpieces and even artificial ficus trees and white columns. Also, just check out Hobby Lobby and I'm sure you'll get some ideas for centerpeices. I'm actually doing some round vases with the clear gem rocks and tulle fabric stuffed inside with water and floating candles. It actually looks really pretty.
    Freestanding decorations just means they don't want to have any remnants of your wedding after the day like nail holes or sticky tape on the ceiling.

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    Thanks for all your ideas! I really like the tall vases! We wanted Hickory Hall in Ames at first but someone already booke it for next July! The day after we looked at it! But we are looking into renting things for the centerpieces and wedding from Celebrations!
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    Also, you could do some uplighting. The Home Depot has some that are about $10 each, and you could buy colored bulbs to put in them. Shine them on the walls and it can make a big difference in the look of the room/space.
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