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Just Engaged and Proposals

fake proposal and engagment pics?

We have a date and venue... but I dont have a ring. 

my "fiance" and I live on separate continents and we decided to get married next summer and needed to book asap because its at my former college.  however he will not arrive til later in sept (I havent seen him since feb) and will give me my ring them.  My family is planning a party 24 hours after he arrives, not giving him much time....  (we have to because the next weekend we have the catholic engaged encouters thing)... has anyone else gone down this non-traditional route.

ALSO - engagment shoots.. worth it ??? I live in Boston and found a person to do it for $325 including the copywrite to all the shots... just curious.. my Dad thinks its stupid but thats what I get for asking my dad about wedding things.... thanks!

Re: fake proposal and engagment pics?

  • wow yeah that can be intense

    as far as ephotos it is up to you...most photographers will include them in a package for the wedding so that is a good way to "test" your photographer...

    we did them because of hotels and the packer schedule in green bay we are doing save the dates and used one of the pictures on that...

    but you dont HAVE to do them either...
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  • You do not need a ring to be engaged at all. There is nothing wrong with being engaged now and planning, and then have him give you a ring when he's able to. Nothing wrong with that at all! An engagement is an agreement between 2 people to be married- a ring is symbolic of that, but not a requirement. So congrats!

    E-pics are nice for the chance to get to know your photographer a bit more, and have them get used to you. You can see how they work and how their pictures turn out.

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    Sounds like you are engaged already. To be engaged you just need a mutual agreement to get married.

    Plus with (I'm assuming) immigration issues I think everyone will understand that you are engaged already. Anyone dealing with immigration issues usually has a rushed/ non-traditional engagement. If there are immigration issues just be careful referring to anything as fake, even though we know what you mean immigration might not get the joke.

    E-pics. Not required so do them if you want them.

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  • My FI asked me to marry him back in May... I dont have my ring yet either. But I am totally in full planning mode.. I know he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with me so a ring doesnt make me or break me. I have picked it out and know that I will get it sooner or later.. No Biggie...
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    I got engaged in June but we had our wedding date and booked our reception from last year! Some people have a wedding band and not an engagement ring. As mentioned before if you guys have agreed to get married and picked out your date then, you're good! As well, engagement pics are nice  especially since you guys are in a long distance relationship right now. I guess you and your FI can discuss that when he is in town.
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