May 2013 wedding

im getting merried may 25th 2013 and i know the weather isnt the best but last year it was in the high 60is that to cold todo an outside wedding

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  • <div>Depends on where exactly you have it. But it should be okay. </div><div>
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    [QUOTE]im getting merried may 25th 2013 and i know the weather isnt the best but last year it was in the high 60is that to cold todo an outside wedding
    Posted by barreramary08[/QUOTE]
  • There is no way I would ever plan my wedding to be outside in May in Portland. Not unless you have a major back up plan for inside. It rains all the time and can still snow in May. Way to unsafe if you ask this oregonian
  • Hi
    I am getting married on the 26th of May in 2013. I booked the Abernathy Center as my venue; they have back up plans for their outside venues. They have beautiful gardens outside and have a chapel and a ballroom for backup plans. There are not too many other places that I have found that would work. Some days in May are very nice, right now it is 75 degrees. Good luck and I hope for both of our sakes that it is nice outside next year! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • I also have the Abernethy Center booked for May 18th next year.  They do have lovely gardens; for one of them, the reception is in a tent, which is the backup ceremony location for inclement weather.  The other garden has a ballroom for the reception, which can be split for the ceremony for bad weather.  I don't really know what the Chapel has lined up--but overall it's a great place.

    When I asked them about the contingency plans for inclement weather, they said they have to move very few weddings indoors during the month of May.  There's always a risk, but it sounds like they would make the efforts to put the ceremony on hold for a chance of a break in the rain.  
  • I was thinking the trout dale house but how much is the abernthy center
  • The prices vary depending on time of year, day, and location.  Please feel free to do your own research:  http://abernethycenter.com/
  • The only issue for me was the catering. It is a little spendy but the venue was perfect for what I wanted so I chose to book anyways. I mix matched my venue with the veiled garden and the chapel (which is brand new). They worked with me and were great.
    There is also the Jenkins estate but it turned out to be more expensive. http://www.thprd.org/facilities/jenkins/receptions.cfm It is really nice and has great gardens.
  • I never, ever go off of what the last years have done. This last weekend and today we broke records for high temps since early 80's. You just never know. Have a backup plan. That's way too close to memorial day (which is my birthday weekend, trust me, it rains often). 
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