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Get things hopping

Ok so this board is oh so dead! We must justify its existence by posting more! So I'll start us off with a poll. Your name/FI How old are you/FI: Where did you meet: Where do you live: Where are you getting married (city and winery): Why did you choose a winery wedding:

Re: Get things hopping

  • yay! I love polls. :D Your name/FI: I'm Amelia, he's Guy. How old are you/FI: I'm 25, he's 27. Where did you meet: At a bar. *lol* We met through a mutual friend in college, but she convinced each of us individually to go out to a bar with her and introduced us there. Where do you live: Arkansas Where are you getting married (city and winery): Altus, Arkansas - Wiederkehr Winery. Why did you choose a winery wedding: We chose Wiederkehr's for many reasons. We love the winery, it's been there for over 100 years and has a wonderful rich history, and their wine is wonderful and is an Arkansas tradition. Also, we just loved the hall they have there, it's got all kinds of wonderful antique wine making tools all over the walls, old barrels, etc. Plus it is halfway between my hometown and his hometown - convenient for everyone.
  • I forgot to post :) Your name/FI: La Tosha/Alex How old are you/FI: 33/35 Where did you meet: on match.com Where do you live: Alexandria, VA Where are you getting married (city and winery): Sunset Hills Vineyard, Purcellville, VA Why did you choose a winery wedding: I really like wineries. VA has a burgeoning wine industry and I do my best to support it. When we started thinking of where a winery seemed like a natural choice. We picked our winery because the FI fell for it the second he saw it. It's in a restored 130 yo barn full of warm natural wood tones. And there is a magnificient HUGE hand carved bar that I just loved.
  • Great idea!  Your name/FI: Emily & DrewHow old are you/FI: 26 & 27Where did you meet: We went to Penn State together, but never dated until a couple years after college when I moved to the DC area.  We had mutual friends, and dating just sort of happened naturally.  Where do you live: Outside of DC in Fairfax VAWhere are you getting married: September 25, 2010 at Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville VA (about an hour west of DC)Why did you choose a winery wedding: Drew and I started getting into the wine world shortly after dating.  We loved learning about the different wines and of course tasting them all.  Anyway, the past 2 years we've toured virginia wineries on our anniversary, and about 6 weeks ago we got engaged at a vineyard (sneaky FI told me we were going to one of their events!).  The idea of a winery wedding is different than anything our friends have done, and we wanted our day to be unique and special to us - thus, the winery wedding emerged :)
  • Your name/FI: Mandy/Jim

    How old are you/FI: 30/31

    Where did you meet: We met at a party through a mutual friend

    Where do you live: Austin, TX

    Where are you getting married (city and winery): Landmark Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA

    Why did you choose a winery wedding: It’s our favorite vacation. We both love wine and visiting wineries and thought this was a great place to tie the knot and have the chance to share a love of ours with our family and friends.
  • Your name/FI: Maria/Brandon
    How old are you/FI: 26/28
    Where did you meet: while attending college at Virginia Tech
    Where do you live: SF Bay Area, CA
    Where are you getting married (city and winery): CrossKeys Vineyard, Mt. Crawford, VA
    Why did you choose a winery wedding: Despite not being big drinkers (FI doesn't even drink at all), we really wanted a vineyard wedding simply because they are beautiful and we love the scenery. When we drove up to our location, we just knew - it felt right and we really could vision our wedding taking place there. There is something very rustic, yet elegant about a vineyard. 
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