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I'm finding myself frustrated with vendors.  I drove in from out of state for some wedding appointments and was stood up by a wedding officiant.  I gave this person the benefit of the doubt and immediately called and left a voicemail to remind them of the appt.  This person got back to me via email apologizing days later so I gave this person the benefit of the doubt & attempted to reschedule.  I've since been in contact trying to reschedule a meeting or at least a phone interview and have had zero response.  I have had a photographer conveniently find herself booked AFTER I told her I wanted her least expensive package (still 3k...not exactly chump change).  And this is after she emailed me stating she was free (and my wedding date was in the subject line of the email she wrote to me) so I don't believe it was a mix up.  Finally, I had a phone interview scheduled with another vendor and again, was "stood up".   I have never in my life seen such horrendous customer service.  For the outrageous amount of money that these vendors charge I would have hoped for better.  If I did my job the way these people do, i would be in the unemployment line...

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    I hope this does not sound clique, but that is how I selected my vendors.  I am planning this wedding in OBX from a distance like most brides.  I chose vendors with great reviews, but I went with those ones that communicated well and responded to me.  In my buisness communication was everything and I expect that.  Even if the vendors you go with are not the fanciest or most expensive, if they care enough about what they do to communicate with you and answer questions, they will care enough to help make your day special.  Just my two cents.  I would go on a new vendor search if I were you!
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    Oh goodness, this is horrible to hear! I'm an event coordinator for a nonprofit org during my day job, and I absolutetly agree with you! If vendors aren't responding to me, I won't use their service!

    Let us know where your looking to have your wedding, and what your thoughts are for it, and I'm sure we can refer you to some "better quality" vendors!
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    Sorry to hear that this has become so frustrating for you!

    Which vendors are you having issues with?  It would be nice to share so that other brides don't have this same experience and some of us may have a little more to add if they too used the same vendors you are trying to hunt down.

    Let us know what budget you are working with for the officiant and photography and I am sure that we will be able to recommend some that we have used, that will actually get back to you.

    Keep your chin up.....this WILL work out ;)


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    I'm sorry you're having that experience. :(  We had two vendors do a no show on us when we drove 12 hours out for our planning trip.  Well, once called to cancel but it wasn't until we were already at the location where we had agreed to meet.  They just let me know who NOT to work with.

    I agree with the others.  If you need more suggestions, let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to help.

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    Ugh what a crappy experience! I agree with some of the other girls in that I decided some of my vendors based on their communication. My caterer decision came down to 2 caterers and I decided against someone just because her communication was nonexistant. It would take her months to get back to me - just rediculous!
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    That sucks and I agree that it is totally unacceptable.  I'm gonna go ahead and ask....who are the vendors? 

  • Do NOT use Bells & Whistles for your wedding. Dorothy took a $500 deposit from me, ignored me until 3 weeks before my wedding, FINALLY sent me a proposal for flowers that included $3,000 of services we never discussed, told me that I cannot change our contract because it's too close to the wedding, charged me ANOTHER $500 to my credit card without my authorization, and did not do ANY flowers for my wedding. It took 6 weeks after my wedding to get a "refund" and Dorothy only sent me $150.00. This is THE WORST business I have ever dealt wiht, and was an absolute nightmare before my wedding.
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