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How far in advance to buy a ketubah?

All the ketubah questions got me thinking, how far in advance should it be purchased?  We've started looking online and I want to go to some Judaica stores in the area, but I don't know how late is too late to order one for an Oct 29th wedding.
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Re: How far in advance to buy a ketubah?

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    I think I ordered mine in March for my June wedding.  I can't tell you how long it took to get it, but, when I did, there was a mistake on it (it's a good think I can read hebrew and checked it out - they listed my husband's dad's name where his name should have been!) so I had to have them re-do it!
    The Knot lost my info, but, I've been married since 6/19/05!
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    I still dont have mine yet and my wedding is in a little over a month!

    Fi is a procrastinator. I kept bugging him (like Nov- Jan) to look online for something he liked. Maybe February we finally started looking and couldnt agree on anything! So we're having one semi-custom made. Fi and I and our rabbi have all seen the text and fixed any changes, so once I send the check and receive it we should be all set!

    So, I say the sooner the better! I'm still kind of scared I wont receive it in time. 
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    amgrossman, I would get right on that if I were you!

    I ordered mine from www.ketubahsandmore.com, and it arrived in about a week.
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    Mine took about three weeks to get after we ordered it. And the process of ordering it (we had some custom stuff) took a few more weeks before that was finalized.

    I'm a planner, so we got ours in about January for our June wedding.  If you are ordering something more standard you can probably wait longer.
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  • dunn1678dunn1678
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    We used www.mpartworks.com our Rabbi gave us a 10% coupon and after looking through their website love the selection.

    They also do rush ordered and the only additional cost you incur is for the rush on shipping, not on them making the Ketubah faster. Ours had some personalization to it so it took about a week longer than normal. But reading their reviews and talking to their online help it appears that they get you your Ketubah when you need it.

    Our wedding isn't until May 22nd but we ordered it April 1st. It was completed and shipped April 20th but we also went for the cheap shipping and it should be here tomorrow! I am so excited to see it.

    Good luck!
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    We ordered our ketubah from Ketubah.com in February for our July wedding. There was a smudge on it and Ketubah.com promptly fixed it and sent a second one. I would order ahead of time just to be on the safe side.
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    I am a Ketubah artist. I make Ketubot based on my original oil paintings and watercolors. I can make a Ketubah and have it sent within a week or two depending on the turnaround time with the proof. If you would be interested in checking out my Ketubah site, please visit www.allysonblockjudaica.com

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    Our ketubah is being specially designed for us by an artist so it will take a few months. We are getting our ketubah from http://www.artbybatya.com. This is a wonderful option if you want a one-of-a-kind ketubah!!
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