venues in altoona area

I'm a bridetobe in the altoona area and the FI and I are not so sure what venues we have as options! This site really has nothing in our area, so could anyone help us out? Please?! :

Re: venues in altoona area

  • We're in altoona as well and are having the same issues.  and everyone says the Jaffa is a good place for receptions,but, it's so large and our small wedding will look ridiculous in there lol.  if you come up with anything let me know.  We're having a hard time because we don't "belong" to a church but don't want to get married outside.  Good luck on the search... I know it sucks.  I wish there was more on this site for our area!
  • Park Hills Country Club, Altoona UVA, The Columns, Blairmont club, the Discovery Center, , Hemlock Estates, Scotch Valley CC, The Casino, Snappy Chefs for catering.  I'm researching places now too, please let me know if you come up with any others!
  • What about the Bavarian? Or the Oriental in Gallitzin? We are looking too, my aunt mentioned that one to me... We're heading in this weekend to check it out. And you mentioned Snappy Chef- are they good? Was considering using them for the venue.

    When are you two getting married in Altoona?
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