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umm pregnant?

ok.. i DID NOT want to get pregnant while on our honeymoon so i stayed on BC...but while on the honeymoon ( and before the wedding)  and since then my nipples have been red and sore....and if i move to fast or stretch i get cramps in my abdomen...should i make an appt with my doctor or am i just freaking out? 

its 2  weeks till my period soo it could be ovulation...but for 2 weeks? 

i havent said anything to hubby cuz at first i was just like w/e im ovulation..but its been 2 weeks...and im still on BC soo im freaking out if i am pregnant..can i hurt the baby?

Re: umm pregnant?

  • Why not just go by a test at the store? That would be the quickest answer. And I doubt the BC would do much damage, if any. You have to think, some people don't know their pregnant for months and cont. birth control/drinking/etc. 
  • Could be pregnant, or it could just be a lot of hormones releasing after all the work/travel/planning you have been doing.


    Don’t stress until you miss your period.  And get an over the counter test.

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