Gimme your floral breakdown! :)

Hello Knotties! Can you give me your approximate cost from your florist?

1) Who is your florist and where are they located?
2) What is approximate cost?
3) What are they providing? (41 tall centerpieces, 8 small & 3 bouquets...etc)
4) On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate them? Are they super sweet but not too helpful, etc....

Let's get this board more active!!! :) TIA

Re: Gimme your floral breakdown! :)

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    I listed out my catering, and now here's my florist far.

    I am using Rose of Sharon in Fayetteville.  The owner is Althea Wiles and she has been pretty great to work with.  My day-of coordinator recommended her to me (and they’ve worked it out so that my coordinator’s clients get a 10% discount).

    We don’t have a full breakdown of what she’s going to provide yet.  I met with Althea for an initial consultation where we discussed what I like, what I’m envisioning, budget, etc.  She then got back to me a couple of days later with a couple of options.  Option 1 was everything we discussed for my every last wish.  Option 2 was taking that vision and fitting it into my budget.  I have until a month before the wedding to give her the final order. 

    Option 2 looks like this:

    Bride: Hand-tied bouquet of roses and autumn leaves  $99.40

    Bridesmaids: Wrist corsage on a keepsake bracelet $19.15/each

    Flower girls: Small grapevine basket with leaves for tossing $18/each

    Mothers and grandmothers:  Pin-on corsage $7.05/each

    Groom: Rose to match bride’s bouquet and autumn leaf boutonniere $7

    Groomsmen:  Smaller boutonniere $6.75/each

    Fathers and grandfathers: Boutonnieres to match mothers/grandmothers $5.50/each

    Ring bearer: Small boutonniere $4/each

    Alter (then moved to reception): Two arrangements with a mix of autumn blooms and foliage $279.10

    Centerpieces: Mix of candles, small pumpkins, gourds, some flowers $39.65/each

    Sweetheart table: Small gourds and pumpkins, vase for bride’s bouquet: $55

    Guest Book Table: 5 single flowers for grandparents that can't come. $63.05


    Delivery and set-up fee: $200


    Grand total is about $1200.


    Option 1 was basically the same but more expensive flowers, bigger arrangements, with a few more arrangements/decorations and came to $2800.  My mom and I are going to do a few things ourselves and work with the florist on finding a middle ground between the two options (like take the bridal bouquet from the more expensive option, but keep the cheaper ring bearer boutonniere)


    One of the great things that Althea does with her clients is set up a Pinterest board and account.  Pinterest is one of the neatest things.  She has a board created of inspiration for my wedding, and I have a board she follows.  It’s a pretty neat way for us to share inspiration pictures.

    I know that’s not a great explanation, so go check out:

    My board:

    My florist’s board:

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    I used House of Flowers in Hot Springs.  The chapel didn't need much, so all we had at the ceremony was rose petals lining the aisle.  We had the bride's bouquet, three bridesmaids bouquets, four corsages, nine boutonnieres, petals for flower girl basket, and petals for tossing.  At the reception, we had four tables that used the ceremony bouquets as centerpieces, then nine more tables with low centerpieces with roses floating in water.  We had one large floral arrangement on the buffet table.  They also helped set up and decorate the reception room and cleaned up the petals at the chapel.  We paid around $750.

    I can't remember the breakdown on how much individual items cost. 
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    I haven't actually decided on this stuff yet. Part of me just wants to use wildflowers from my yard. Other part of me really wants something nice and classy.
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    I did a quote at Kroger on Sunday.

    For my bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, 4 corsages and 10 bouts, all roses, it'll run around $300. I think that's very reasonable.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Gimme your floral breakdown! :)</a>:
    [QUOTE]I did a quote at Kroger on Sunday. For my bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, 4 corsages and 10 bouts, all roses, it'll run around $300. I think that's very reasonable.
    Posted by melissak1q[/QUOTE]

    You just made me feel so much better about my flower budget! :) This is my second wedding, his first. I didn't want the wedding, but he does so we're trying to keep if very scaled down and on a budget!
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  • Everyone is different. For me, spending a lot of money on flowers is not important. Plus, I do not need arrangements for decorations as my venue is already decorated.

    Sam's Club has some packages for different size groups. They have great reviews. I strongly considered using them myself.
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