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Do Cheap/Good Looking Venues Exist? :(

My total wedding budget... FOR EVERYTHING is only $10k... un-heard of for even a some what nice wedding for 125 ppl. Every place I go to does the bait and switch... makes me think I can afford it then they send me the final estimate which is twice as much. I was thinking the park systems at first but then you can't have hard liquor and have to be done at 11pm... which wont work for my friends and family. Am I going to have to be a VFW bride? :( Please help with any cheap suggestions on venues... I'm looking to stay in the Mpls/ St. Paul area.

Thanks a million!

Re: Do Cheap/Good Looking Venues Exist? :(

  • hippoloverhippolover member
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    This is our budget too.  And we have about the same size guest list.  We are using Crystal Lake Golf Course in Lakeville, MN.  Diane and Victoria have been wonderful to work with.  We are getting married in the off season (January) to help with the cost. 

    Let me know you want any more details!
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    The Millennium Garden/Plymouth room ends up being somewhere in the $2500 range for both ceremony and reception.  The catch is you have to use one of their affliated caterers, but one of them (The Medina catering) is reasonable (not super inexpensive, but not crazy either).  I am doing a wedding there for about 200 on a budget of 13,000 so maybe you could do it for 10,000 if you budgeted carefully?

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  • FutureMrsS13FutureMrsS13 member
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    it is possible! Plus i see your wedding isnt until 2013!

    You have alot of options...

     Try golf courses i know green haven golf course is pretty cheap!

     Aso Three Rivers Park District                            

    some hotels are pretty cheap... if you do it on a friday or sunday its really cheap!!!


     Profileeventcenter.com    if you dont a sunday its 4750 mini




     Check this website out..



  • jennipea382jennipea382 member
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    I'm doing mine for around $10,000. There's a thread a little down the page with how I'm saving money if you're interested!

    We are doing our wedding in the off season and planning on using the Profile Event Center in Minneapolis. The minimum for our date is just under $6000 which is pretty close to what food would be anyways. As long as you reach the minimum, there's no rental fee. So depending on the time of year you're planning on, it's worth checking out!
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  • MaggieandJakeMaggieandJake member
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    Ours was about that (when we took out wedding bands and honeymoon).  

    We had our reception at Radisson-University Hotel on the U of M Campus-which has recently changed it's name to just "The University Hotel."  We had a Saturday wedding in June and our catering minimum including alcohol was $3500 and no rental fee for the space. Ours was in the smaller Hubert Humphrey ballroom which hosts up to 170 seated. We had about 115 total in attendance.  When we first looked at the room, it was your typical hotel ballroom, but when I walked into our reception, my breath was taken away-it was absolutely beautiful!
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  • sltommysltommy member
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    Many other brides on here have mentioned Stillwater / Historic Courthouse. I believe they allow you to bring in  your own caterer - but they book really early for summer Saturdays!

    Otherwise we are having ours at Columbia Manor, and there are 4 preferred caterers and 2 are really reasonable.  There are several other properties owned by the City of Minneapolis that are reasonably priced and look nice.

    I know people who have had weddings around your size and budget at Centennial Lakes and Camrose Hill as well - they also allow you to bring in your own caterer so you can save money there by going with a more affordable (and hopefully delicious!) option.
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  • ktwagner21ktwagner21 member
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    When I first got engaged this was my fear.. We wanted south suburbs and here are the places we checked out:

    Eagan Community Center

    Royal Cliff, Eagan, MN

    Holiday Inn lakeville, MN

    Lost spur golf course

    and some ballroom in farmington mn

    We chose Royal Cliff based on family and friend recommendations, but all places have their positives and I believe are very budget friendly.

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  • LolaBelle515LolaBelle515 member
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    Our was at the Eagan Community Center, which I thought was quite beautiful and reasonable...but that has already been mentioned.

    But, I would also look on the Classic Catering website. They have a list of all of the venues they serve. Food is going to be your biggest budget item for the reception and their food was the cheapest we found, by far. You can really cut corners with them! Hope you find the perfect place for you! 
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  • schmoodschmood member
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    edited December 2011
    I was pleased with how everything turned out at our reception venue - River Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove.  We had a similar budget and invited 200 with about 150 attending.   The room itself isn't anything special, but they don't charge you for the ceiling draping and lighting.  Many people commented on how good the food was.  Also, they have a nice patio off the back of the room that overlooks the golf course.  People enjoyed being outside on a nice August evening. 
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    the conservatory at the sculpture garden lets you stay until midnight.  There are no minimums for the caterer and they allow alcohol.  However, it is $1000 to rent.
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  • klboasklboas member
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    We're having our wedding at Blainbrook in Blaine.  Its a step up from the VFW, but still a little dated.  Can be masked a bit with some inexpensive decorations - also keep in mind that the lighting during your reception will also change things.

    Hall decorating is included in the rental and they have some nice stuff (a few extras cost more, but we think it will be enough without the extras).

    Dinners start at $15/plate and the food is great.  Beer and wine prices are also incredibly reasonable.  Also the cake cutting fee is only $50 or you can have someone you know do it and they won't charge you for extra plates.

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    The Garden Room in Eden Prairie looks pretty nice.  Saturdays are $5000 minimum (apr-oct I think).  I have the price list stuff from the planner there if you want to send me your email.
  • bwanhalabwanhala member
    edited December 2011
    We are having ours at Elm Creek Chalet, and I am working with a budget right around yours. True, they don't allow hard liquor, but beer and wine is reasonably priced if you are planning on paying for some of it yourself.

    The other place that we looked at was Braemar Golf Course...very nice set-up and they allow hard liquor.
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    If you're going for a little bit more laid back/casual wedding I'd suggest the Isanti County Fairgrounds, its only about an hour north. Its a pretty large space and very cheap!!
  • ClintonBeanClintonBean member
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    You can sort venues by dollar signs on TheKnot.com.  There are a ton of one dollar sign venues.  Click on the link below and sort by dollar sign on the left hand side.

  • flower_loverflower_lover member
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    You might consider the MN Landscape Arboretum. We had our ceremony and reception there for 100 people and it was quite a bit less than $10K. The big savings there is that you bring in your own alcohol. They will serve as many kinds of wine and beer as you want, and 1 signature cocktail.

    Other places not yet mentioned...have your ceremony at the Muriel Sahlin Arboretum in Roseville and reception at St. Paul Student center at the University of Minnesota. The Shoreview Community center is also very nice, and reasonably priced.

    I also second checking out the Three Rivers Parks venues. They are all so beautiful, and also reasonable. In addition, Centennial Lakes Park in Edina is very reasonable, beautiful, and would fit the number of guests you are planning.
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