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Bridesmaid dress alternatives

Any ideas for alternative bridesmaid dresses. I'm only having two girls. Weighing the typical options with telling them to go buy whatever. Anyone have other creative ideas?

Re: Bridesmaid dress alternatives

  • I don't think it's creative but I basically told my girls a certain color from David's Bridal and knee length.  Beyond that they all picked their own dresses, which were all different.  I thought it turned out great and I'm glad they were able to wear dresses they felt comfortable in, instead of everyone wearing the same one.
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  • If you aren't particular on the style of dress, I would do what PP suggested and give them a color and length to go with. 


  • I was obsessed with a particular dress and made all six of my girls buy this :)
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  • Maybe ask them. I first thought of just telling them to go find any pink dress but they insisted I give them more guidance so we went shopping and ended up with traditional bridesmaid dresses from Alfred Angelo. I really didn't intend on them spending almost 200, but that's the dress they ended up deciding on and all agreed that the price was ok.
  • My sister is my one and only up there with me.. I told her she could wear anything she felt beautiful in -- she snorted at me and told me to get real b/c we "should be getting a dress from a bridal store"... Later, when we went to the bridal store, I told her to pick whatever she wanted - again she snorted at me and told me to "be a bride and decide"....

    Some people want more direction than others...

    As for the look - do you want them to wear the same thing or even the same color? If you look up images of modern vintage inspired weddings, many of them now have two completely different dresses and it looks adorable.

    To sum up my long-winded response - first I would say that you need to decide on just how uniform you want it to look. If you do, in fact, want them to choose their dresses, I'd go with what everyone else has said - give them a few guidelines and go from there
  • My bridesmaids are my two sisters.  We live in different states but were able to get together one weekend, so we hit several department stores.  We found a dress we all liked (I joked with them I'm going to borrow it from one of them after the wedding!) and that was it. 
  • keb2482  OMG I love that dress.  It's on sale.  Checking with my b-maids! Thanks ladies.  If that doesn't work out I'm gonna keep searching.  

  • crdlbug, one of my MOH's (I have two) lives in Pittsburgh and will be wearing that dress.  Too funny :)  I used to live there too.  Went to North Hills High School.

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  • oh and unfortunately, the dress is on clearance, only sizes 4 and 6 left. Hope your girls are small if you want it! :)   My girls say it runs big in the chest for an FYI.  I could also check with the ladies if anyone is interested in selling it after our May 26th wedding if you really want it :)

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  • Same as Teach, I only had a MOH, my sister. Told her the color and to get what she wanted, and she ran with it. She has great taste and I trusted her. I didn't really matter to me, as long as she loved it. She ran it by me and I thought it was great. Done.
  • With the help of my girls, we picked a dress from J.Crew - from the dress section, not bridesmaids. I had to find the right dress for girls ages 22 to 60 and size 2 to 16 and this one was $100, instead of the jacked up price of a bridesmaid dress! So, my suggestion is think outside the box and ask for opinions/ suggestions from your bridesmaids.
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