Mill on the River

Just wondering if anyone has had their wedding reception there or has attended a wedding there.
I have few concerns after looking at it..... I was told that if I want to hire an outside vendor, I can, but they need to have a million dollar liability insurance (I'm not sure if that's reasonable or if it would be a problem at all, since I haven't talked to any photographers/dj's yet).   I'm also wondering if there are any problems with parking?  I know they're open for dinner so I'm not sure how crowded it gets (I know there is parking across the street as well as in the back). Is sharing bathrooms with restaurant patrons a problem? And last one, is there enough room to dance?
Thanks for all your help.
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Re: Mill on the River

  • I went to a wedding there, upstairs. It was good but really tiny and the side that you eat on is really cramped. The parking was not a problem. The bathroom thing was ok too, they have some upstairs and downstairs (i believe). I have heard that the room downstairs is bigger and more accomodating then upstairs.
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    I've never been to a wedding at Mill on The River but I've been there a few times for dinner.  There is overflow parking across the street and I dont think I've ever really seen it fill up.  Personally I'd caution using Mill on the River because I don't care too much for their food, but if you like the facility and the food go for it.  Lastly the request for 1m in liability is not unusual.  Take it from someone who's job it is to write commercial liability policies. Any facility that allows outside vendors will require that vendor to have at least 1m liability sometimes more.  They don't want to be responsible for property damage or bodily injury that your outside vendor may have caused.
  • I was going to have my wedding here as I am not having that many guest.. but was put off by the resturant being open not enough space and an awkward layout.. they are very nice but ended up going with The Nutmeg in East windsor.. their food is delicious. I suggest you check it out. they are reasonable  in price also
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    My cousin's reception was there (they got married in Vegas). I didn't care for the place or the food. We were upstairs and there was no room to dance and we left after we ate.

    We have my FI's best friend's wedding there in June and I'm not looking forward to it. 1. because it's there and 2. because I don't like the couple.
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  • I went there to check out before we booked our venu. I didn't like the room there, 1. Too dark, 2. The Dance floor is kinda separate from the dinning room. We wanted our guests to be able to sit and watch not to have to walk and stand to watch the dance floor. Good luck on planning.
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  • A $1 million liability is pretty standard - I would be nervous of a vendor that carried less
  • Im getting married there next Friday. I wasnt told the amount of liability insurance just that they need proof of insurance.

    Parking seems to be fine, and the food is amazing! Im not huge on the dancefloor being seperate either, but hey, the bar and patio are over there so thats where the real party will be anyway!
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