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It's been awhile, but I wanted to see how everyone was doing.  We're in the high season for weddings, so just wanted to find out how everyone's planning is going, and if you have recently tied the knot, how the nuptials went.

I'll FI and I have exactly two months until our wedding day.  We have all of our vendors lined up with contracts and deposits.  My dress came in about a week ago...yay!  I'll probably post pics at some point.  BMs now all have their dresses. Invites have gone out with the exception of a couple (got addresses late and ran out of copies of the OOT packet we're sending to traveling guests...those will go out this week).  We're starting to receive our RSVPs and it seems like so far the vast majority have been yes, so that's exciting. 

How's everything going with you all?

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    I forget to check in on this board sometimes so I see you posted this a while ago. We have a little over 3 and 1/2 months left. I've had my dress for a while but still waiting on my mom to find someone to do alterations. We got our wedding rings but his needs to be resized. We're ordering invitations in the next week or so. We have the church booked. We still need to do two of four premarital counseling sessions with our priest.

    Congrats on your progress. That's great that you're getting your RSVPs back. :)
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