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I have a question regarding centerpieces:  on average, how much do they normally cost per table?  I'm most likely going to DIY mine, and just figured out exactly how much it would cost to do, just want to make sure the price is worth all the work!  So if you don't mind, please tell me how much you paid for (or agreed to pay) for yours!!! TIA
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Re: Centerpieces

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    I did my own centerpieces (floating candles) and mine average out to be about $12 per centerpiece.This includes the bowl, 5 candles (3 to start, 2 to add as needed) and blue/yellow/coral gems to put in bottom of bowl.pics in bio.  hope this helps!
  • WNYfanWNYfan member
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    I think centerpieces can really range in price.  For example, ours are going to consist of 5-7 of our own antique glass bottles, and we're having the florist put a red tulip in each.  Tulips are $1.50-$2.00 each, so each centerpiece will be about $10-$15.  On the other hand, I'm requesting all white peonies for my bridal bouquet, and that's going to be $75!  So it all depends on what you ask for. 
  • panda&squishypanda&squishy member
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    We're DIY our centerpieces at about $16 a piece. We're using a large glass hurricane vase, stones in the bottom, pillar candle, navy fabric square underneath with acrylic gems scattered around. I'm sorry, I don't have pics to show you.
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    Mine are going to be free as I am using some really nice ones the hotel has but, I won't have to pay for the candles for them either!!!  I am a Partylite Candle Consultant and I help brides earn their centerpieces, favors, candles, accessories, bridal party gifts, etc. for free! (including myself :) )

    If you want to take a moment to visit my website, you will see beautiful pieces to be used for anything in your wedding!!!  Of course, we have amazing fragrances!!!!


    Good luck!!!  Feel free to contact me if you are interested!!!  You shouldn't have to pay highway robbery to decorate for your big day!!!


    Michelle Kmentt
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